Video Review: Jay Sean & Lil Wayne “Down”

A royal blue rose shines on the table in the Hedsor House in Hedsor, United Kingdom. In the bathroom, Jay Sean turns his head and takes his shirt as he leaves. Back in royal blue, he talks with his girlfriend by the window

A swirl of magic cuts a chandelier from the ceiling and follows a female server to the party. As people open the door, it wraps itself around Jay Sean as he walks inside the ballroom. Young women say hello to him as they pass by him. Magic emits from his hands as he dances. Several young men join him in the routine. Some magic flies low, almost missing the Sean’s and the dancer’s heads.

Lit in midnight blue, Sean and his girlfriend kiss by the wall. He walks back in with her. Some young women dance and bump into them with their drinks. He grabs some magic in his hand as people in the ballroom dance.

Lil Wayne stares at the floor against a wine red background and touches his hat. The bottle of magic sparkles on the table. Lil Wayne and Sean stand against the Union Jack background. Lit in wine red, Sean dances as people clink their glasses. Tinie Tempah nods his head and says hello as he sits at a table. Back in royal blue, Sean dances with his girlfriend. Against the wine red background, Sean and Lil Wayne shake hands.

Rating: 4/5

Jay Sean checks the rose. Although the petals were intact, the magic within it had been released. He leaves the rose in the table and rushes to the party. His father tells him he’s at least 45 minutes late. He explains he had an accident and had to fix it. His father rolls his eyes and asks him how much it’s going to cost. Sean says no cost and that it was irreplaceable. His father reminds for him to talk to the various young women. They are all from acceptable backgrounds and be a welcome addition to the family.

Sean searches around for his girlfriend. He finds her by the bar and says they should dance. She says she shouldn’t be here and that his father will kick her out once he knows. He says his father is schmoozing with the young women’s parents, trying to figure out how much their worth will go up if he marries one of them, The magic swirls around them, hiding them from view of the people. He takes her arm and says they should go.

They laugh as they swim in the pool. She puts her arms around him and says that even if this is their last moment together, she’d had a great time. Sean tells her not to say that and they’ll be together. They hold hands as they walk back to the party. The magic continues to swirl. She gasps once she sees his father and apologizes. He tells her it’s fine and that she can stay. She tells him “thank you.” He grins and says he wants to introduce her to his sister.

Director: Richard Pengelley Year: 2007

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