Video Review: Lady Gaga & Ariana Grande “Rain On Me”

During a storm, Lady Gaga, wearing a hot pink bodysuit, lies on the pavement at night with a knife in her leg. She watches the lightning strike between the clouds. She squirms while the knives fall from the sky. Crawling, she stands on all fours.

Gaga and several dancers perform a routine near a lavender lit-bridge.The screen rotates to Ariana Grande. Back on the pavement, Gaga pulls out the knife in her leg. Grande performs a routine with her dances at dusk as the golden lights on the monorail pause. Grande joins Gaga in her routine by the lavender lit-bridge.

Gaga stands under a ruby red-lit tower. Back by the lavender-lit bridge, Gaga and Grande hold hands as their ponytails flow in the wind. In the sky, a metal-winged Gaga touches her speckled cheeks. Back in the red tower, she watches a version of herself, Grande and the dancers continue to perform the routine.

Lit in sky blue, Gaga reads a weather forecast within her eye. It states that there is a flood warning. Gaga and Grande hug after they finish the routine.

Rating: 3/5

Lady Gaga grits her teeth. Her leg was numb from the knife. She crawls on the pavement, searching for her phone. However, it was crushed. There was no other choice. Biting her lip, she takes out the knife and screams out in pain. Although she tries to fight the heat, she rolls over on the ground and moans.

While she takes labored breaths, she thinks of the work she and Grande had been doing to blend the factions together. Grande had emerged as a leader within her city. The young people respected her. With her butterfly wings, she was free and kind. She helped the elders and managed the middle-aged people who believed they knew better. Grande had run into some trouble with some fortysomethings who claimed she was cheating with the young women’s husbands. She was a threat to them and they wanted her gone.

Gaga had heard about it from one of friends who had moved onto the area. She had to explain Grande had the experience and she was picked for a reason. Some of the fortysomething women smirked. Gaga had told them if they had any problems to come to her instead. She’ll address them.

However, as she walking at night, she was stabbed with a knife. Her vision blurred, she sees an image of Grande’s face. Grande calls for help and urges her to hang on. Gaga put hers hand on her shoulder and tells Grande the territory is hers. Grande tells her not to give up. Someone wraps her leg and helps her up.

 Director: Robert Rodriguez Year: 2020

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