Video Review: Jay-Z, Kanye West & Otis Redding “Otis”

Several people, wearing masks and coats, stand by the wall in the lot. A Maybach 57 is in the middle of the wall. Jay-Z and Kanye West walks towards the car with a flamethrower and saw, respectively. They start to work on the car.

They dance by the American flag draped on the wall in the lot.

They drive the car in the lot, while four young women hold on in the now-open backseat. Back by the American flag wall, West folds his hands in prayer and Jay-Z salutes.

Aziz Ansari grins as Jay-Z and West rap by the car.

While in the car, West creates sparks with his gloves as he runs his hand on the pavement. Back by the American flag wall, he puts his arm around West.

Rating: 5/5

Jay-Z flips through the television stations and comes across the 1986 film, Pretty In Pink. He says to his wife that his favorite is coming up. His wife sits back and prepares herself. Jay-Z dances in front of the television, imitating Duckie as he lip-synchs in the record store. His wife claps and says “good job, honey.” He gives her a kiss and says he got the Maybach and plans to fix it up with West. He says he wants it to be futuristic. She nods and says she finally sees his point about Andie and Blaine. They were meant to be together. Jay-Z shrugs and says he only saw Duckie and Andie as only friends.

Jay-Z set his plan on the work table in the lot. Kanye West gleefully tears out the door. Jay-Z urges him to be gentle. They are saving the parts. West apologizes and glances over the plans. Jay-Z puts the flamethrower to the car. West stands back, his hands raised, saying he’s going to stay right where he is.

After a month, they decide to do a test run and invite four of their friends. They ask them how was the ride. The women say it was fun but bumpy. Jay-Z says they’ll check on it. West says he wants to race it in a competition and that he’d win first place. Jay-Z says he wants to just ride it around the block. West says the competition is next Saturday. Jay-Z hangs his head and says they’ll work on it everyday until it’s done. West says he knows where to put his trophy.

Director: Spike Jonze Year: 2011

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