Video Review: Katy Perry “Daisies”

Katy Perry closes her eyes, hands in her hair as she stands in a field of daisies. She raises her hands over her head and spreads them as she opens her eyes. She holds a daisy to her neck. She stands in the lake and unties her cardigan. Walking in the lake, she leaves her cardigan in the water.

Naked, she stands by the waterfall and covers her breasts. Back in her white sun dress and cardigan, she stands on a rock while the wind blows as the sun sets. She walks between the rocks.

Rating: 5/5

Katy Perry rubs her bump and talks to the baby. Her fiancé sits next to her and asks if she’s comfortable. She says the baby’s been really kicking. He puts his hand on her baby and exclaims, “whoa!” She says tomorrow she has an appointment. He says, “it’s at 2, right?” Perry nods and says it’s just a check-up. He says he wants to know her sugar. She says it’s been fine at each appointment. He says he’s just concerned about it and worries it could suddenly change.

Perry puts on her sun dress and cardigan. Calling out to her fiancé, she says she’s going to the mountains and she’ll be back in about three hours or so. He tells her if she doesn’t feel good or has to come home right away to call him. She kisses him and shows him her packed duffel bag, adding, “there’s lunch and snacks in there.”

She was going to be a mom. A little person was growing inside her who might someday change the world. The child was going to have dreams of its own and she hopes its able to accomplish each one. She thinks of her Grandma and wished she was there. However, she knows her grandma watching her from heaven. Her child was going to know her great-Grandma and what a special lady she was.

Director: Liza Voloshin Year: 2020

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