Video Review: Don Toliver “Cardigan”

A message on a black screen reads, “last night. Los Angeles, Ca. 3:17 a,m.” The robotic female voice says, “please leave a message.”  A young woman (Draya Michele) tells Don Toliver, “ok Don, you don’t want to respond to my calls, you don’t want to respond to my texts. I’m about to just pull up.”

The young woman glances around as she walks into his gated community. Wearing white go-go boots, white denim shorts, matching denim jacket with a t-shirt underneath, she walks in the backyard and peers into the glass window. With an arm raised, she finds the spare key and lets herself inside.

Opening the refrigerator, she takes out a carton of milk. She finds a bottle in the cabinet and pours into the milk. She pours herself a bottle of red wine and removes her hat as she stands in front of the mirror. Throwing her jacket on a chair, she walks to the couch. While reading a book, she notices his video camera.

She plays a game of pool in the game room.

Back in the family room, she takes off her shirt and pants while the video camera records. She poses in various positions. Cringing at a noise, she leaves in her bra and panties as the door opens.

Rating: 5/5

The young woman shrugs and says coming over was just a whim. Don Toliver tells her the video got his attention and hands her the bag of her clothes. She blushes and says “thanks.” He says he’d been meaning to call her but his life just got so crazy. She says she gets it but she feels like he forgot about her. He says it’s not like that. He invites her inside.

He offers her whatever was left of the red wine. She responds with an emphatic yes and says she’s happy to have some more wine. She hated leaving it behind. They sit on his couch and he asks her about the milk. She coughs and says she doesn’t know. He says he was sick for almost a week. She says that’s unfortunate and says she better go. He asks her if she can stay longer.

She opens her eyes and sees the darkness outside. Tapping Toliver on the shoulder, she tells him to wake up. His head turns to the other side. She picks up her clothes and tiptoes out of the house. As she walks out, she grabs the wine bottle and opens the screen door.

Director: N/A Year: 2020

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