Video Review: Lil Baby “Emotionally Scarred”

Lil Baby dances against a charcoal background with “Stay Home” written on it.

Bare branches sit in pots along a white platform. He writes on the wall. A goat stares off into the distance. It becomes lit in midnight blue.

Against a midnight blue background, he snarls.

He sits on the white platform as the goat shakes its head beside him. The goat bites on the leaves of the trees. Lil Baby stares at the goat while it sits on the white platform. Lil Baby exhales as he smokes.

Back in midnight blue, he puts his hand on the branch as he sits on the white platform.

He pets the goat as he continues to sit on the white platform.

Rating: 3.5/5

Lil Baby pets the goat and says he’s good. Some of his other goats nuzzle him. He says they are all good, too. His friend tells him he’s better with the goats than any of his girlfriends. Lil Baby laughs as his favorite goat sits in his lap. Scratching its ears, he says they tell him what they want. He says people are tough to figure out.

His friend shakes his head and says one day he’ll open up. Lil Baby answers that he should but people have screwed him over. His friend says he’ll available to talk at anytime. Lil Baby thanks him and laughs as the one of the goats nudges him.

Lil Baby feeds his goats and tells them he’ll check on them in the morning. His favorite goat follows him. He says he has to get inside with the others. His favorite goat whines. Lil Baby hangs his head and says that he’ll stay with them for about 10 more minutes. As he pets his favorite goat, he thinks about his friend. He knows he shouldn’t suffer by himself and talk. However, he hadn’t known his friend long. His friend may talk behind his back to someone else. He wanted to trust him but it was too risky.

Director: Keemotion Year: 2020

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