Video Review: Paula Abdul “Blowing Kisses In The Wind”

Paula Abdul stands in silhouette against a ruby red stage. A young man, lit in faded blue, looks up. She walks towards him and they dance in silhouette.

Abdul rises on a platform on ruby red stage. She stands in front of her band and sings.

She turns in the faded blue light and waits. He puts his arms on her back. Lifting her up, she arches her back. She dances by herself. He returns to the stage and continues to dance with her. He emerges from smoke and throws another young man off the stage. He hold as her as she spins in the air and watches her as she flies by the ceiling.

She sits on his back as he does push-ups. They lay on top of each other.

Abdul continues to sing on stage.

Rating: 4/5

Paula Abdul pirouettes into her boyfriend’s arms. She takes a deep breath during the lift. He gives her a concerned expression as she looks into his eyes. She dances by herself, concentrating on the steps to block her overthinking.  Laying on top each other, she feels his chest rise and knew he was comfortable. He would’ve winced. She felt safe. He takes her hand and raises it while the audience claps.

He kisses her backstage and says she did a great job. She thanks him and accepts a bouquet of roses from a friend. Her friend says they both did really well, considering the circumstances. Abdul says she thinks something changed. While they were dancing, he was bit more careful with her than normal. Her friend says, “that’s good” and asks if she’s coming with them at the opening night party. She says she just needs to get back into her street clothes.

As she changes, she hears a knock on the door. She tells them she has to put on her robe and tells them they come in. Her boyfriend coughs and apologizes. She smiles at him and says she’s glad he came to visit her. He says he knows things have been tense with them lately. However, his leg has been hurting him and he’s worried he might have to retire. She gasps and asks if he went to see a doctor. He says he made the appointment for tomorrow. She says she’s coming. He puts his arms around her and says he’s afraid he won’t ever be able to share dancing with her anymore. She whispers to him that he won’t lose her.

Director: N/A Year: 1991

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