Video Review: Cherrelle “You Look Good To Me”

A young man looks over his shoulder as he sits in his convertible. Wearing silver sequined jacket, she claps her hands as she walks onto stage. The audience stands up and dances for her. Cherrelle sees him from her apartment building and watches to see where he turns.

Her friend pulls up in the parking lot and calls her down. They sit on the patio at a restaurant. With her sundae beside her, she sees the young man walk past her table. She nods and follows him on the sidewalk. Putting her hand on his shoulder, she stands in front of him and talks with him. He writes down his phone number and gives it to her.

As she sings, she walks backstage and pulls him on stage. They hug.

Rating: 3/5

Cherrelle cuddles with the young man as she lie together in bed on her tour bus. She says touring has become tolerable with him around. He explains he maybe can stay for one more city. His employer is asking when he come back to work. She says he’ll give him a job on tour and that she’ll talk to her manager. He says he isn’t sure he wants to be her employee. She shakes her head and responds it wouldn’t be like that.

The bus stops and they put on their clothes. She peeks out the window and says some of the background singers are getting some fast food. He says some food sounds good. She takes his hand and walks out with him. While they eat, the background singers say he’s become a part of team and wants to know if they need to train him in anything. He chuckles and says he’ll have to add it to his resume. She tells him that he’ll never have to sit in an office again. He says he’ll have to think about it.

She kisses him as she drives with him to the airport. He says he’s going to miss her. She says they can turn back and give him a job in accounting or something. He says he appreciates it but he has to get back to his real life. She says real life may not ever be enough for him, though. He hugs her as he boards the airplane. She blinks back tears as she watches his plane take off.

Director: N/A Year: 1985

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