Video Review: Jonas Brothers & Karol G “X”

A cell phone with Joe against a charcoal background slides across the screen. Kevin checks the camera while Nick dances.

Within two cell phones, Joe dances (left) as Kevin plays the guitar (right) as the they bounce back and forth. During a triple screen, Karol G stays in the center next to Joe (left) and Nick (right). The triple screens with Kevin (left), Nick (center) and Joe (right) tilt. The center screen, which alternates between Nick and Joe, remains tilted while the other two stay the static.

The cell phones multiply as Joe stays in the center. In triple boxed screens, Kevin (left), Nick (center) and Joe (right) dance. Nick dances by himself. The screen splits into several squares. Nick continues to dance in the largest square on the left. Joe dances in the medium square (top) while Kevin is split into three screens on the bottom.

In a triple screen, Nick pours himself a glass of wine and hands it off to Kevin as he bounces away. Kevin gives it to Joe. Centered in the triple screen, they all look up to Karol G, who smiles at them as she stays in landscape mode on top. They crowd her and she pushes them away. Karol G dances by herself. She joins within the squares.

Nick, Karol G, Joe and Kevin stay centered against the charcoal background. One by one, the screens turn off.

Rating: 2/5

Nick Jonas puts his head in hands. His phone’s battery was down to 10 percent. Since quarantine started, he’s been on his phone non-stop, trying to work and read the news. He plugs the phone into the wall and waits for it to charge. Pacing around the room, his wife asks him if he’s okay. He says he’s watched television and checked his social media a dozen times. She urges him to sit with her.

Karol G joins The Jonas Brothers Whatsapp group chat. She texts them some video of herself and updates them about the status of events in her country. She advises them she’s staying safe and that she misses them. Nick says they should get together once it’s all over.

Kevin informs his family he’s going to be filming for awhile. His wife tells their kids they need to be quiet. As he plays the guitar to the music, he thinks of how good it feels to play with his brothers again. After he finishes, he shows it to his family. His wife tells him it looks great. He sends it to his brothers and Karol G.

Directors: Josh Rimmey & Zach Williams Year: 2020

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