Video Review: Kylie Minogue “Can’t Get You Out Of My Head”

Kylie Minogue speeds in a convertible on a frosted metal bridge in a futuristic city. Several young women, in mesh white tank tops with circles on the breasts and white skirts, dance with some men, wearing white tracksuits with black stripes. Minogue, wearing a white tracksuit, joins the group and dances with them.

Wearing an cut-out white jumpsuit with hood, she dances in an office building. In the office, the men, wearing red face shields, black pants and a red shirts dance along with the women, who wear red cones and a red jumpers. Minogue joins in the routine.

In a slate metal minidress, she dances on the rooftop. A rainbow hangs two skyscrapers in the night sky. Women, wearing either off-the-shoulder or bra tops with black pants, dance with men in black shirts and matching pants.

Rating: 4/5

The female android scans Kylie Minogue and gives her the welcoming gift. Minogue accepts and says it was lovely to meet her. The female android says the home has been customized to her tastes. Any corrections will be have to be entered into the computer in her room.

Minogue, with her finger on her lip, traces the slate paint on the wall and sits on the bed. She cringes at the lamp. The aqua blue was not quite as kitch as she expected. She opens the computer and it presents her with options for household objects. She enters information for a new lamp. The message informs her it’ll materialize in 6 days.

Minogue gets her purse and locks her home with a touch screen. As she walks to the park, she sees the androids chatting and dancing. She joins the androids as the dance. Sitting down, she says she needs a break. An android hands her some water. She says they can take a break. A male android tells her they are still fully charged.

An second female android gives her a tour of the office. She takes her to her desk and says instructions are on the laptop. She tries to unlock but her password won’t work. The android stares at the screen and says it’s fixed. Minogue types it and reads over her assignments and their specific deadlines. Minogue clocks out with an eye scan and leaves as some androids continue to dictate. A young woman tells her it’s takes some getting used to. However, the androids mean no harm and they are maintained on a regular basis. Minogue says she’s the first human she’d seen. The young woman says she’s almost finished with her data collection, though. The transition will be in a couple of months. Minogue says she starts data collection next week and isn’t sure what to expect. The young woman assures it’s painless and that it’s some wires.

Director: Dawn Shadforth Year: 2001

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