Video Review: Meghan Trainor & Mike Sabath “Wave”

Meghan Trainor closes her eyes as a stands in a crowd of people as the lights flash. She raises her hands as the people scream and bump into her. Touching her face, the people envelop her as they move.

Wearing an off-white puffy, dress, Trainor stands on top of the crowd. Several young men mosh. People sway back and forth.

In a sleeveless white top and khaki boy shorts, she performs a routine with several dancers against a royal blue background. People move Mike Sabath around as he moshes in the crowd. Lit in sky blue and teal, the people continue to dance within the crowd. Trainor spreads her arms as she held by the people in the crowd. She floats in the air.

Rating: 2/5

A trickle of sweat falls into Meghan Trainor’s eye and she squints. She closes her eyes and as she listens to the music. She excuses herself as she moves through the crowd. At the bar, she orders herself a drink. A young man smiles at her. She gives him a small smile. He sits closer to her and starts a conversation and introduces himself. She taps her glass and mentions how packed the bar was. He says everyone wants to escape. She nods and says she has to go. Although she liked him, she didn’t want to start anything with him. He seemed nice but she was trying to leave her life behind for a night.

Mike Sabath bounces at the DJ booth and tells the crowd to dance as he changes songs. A second young woman walks to him and gives him her phone number. He tucks it in the pocket with the others. Maybe he’ll call her. As he looks into the crowd, he searches for his girlfriend. He had hoped she would be there. However, they weren’t exactly getting along at the moment. He announces he’s taking a break and walks to the bar.

Trainor swivels her head as Sabath bumps into her. She shouts at him to watch it and rubs her arm. Sabath walks towards to her and apologizes. He says he didn’t mean it and asks if she’s hurt. She says she got knocked into someone else and she’s having a hard time moving her arm. He takes her hand and says they’ll go to the office and get it cleaned up.

As she pulls up her sleeve in the manager’s office, she tells him he’s been playing a good set. Sabath puts some peroxide on the cut and says he feels off tonight. His relationship is pretty much over. They haven’t officially broken up yet. Trainor says she’s having the same issue right now while he puts the band-aid on her. He says she’s fixed up. Trainor tells him thanks and to be careful. He says he will and that he hopes to see her next week.

Director: Matthew Cullen Year: 2019

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