Video Review: Uncle Sam “I Don’t Ever Want To See You Again”

Uncle Sam sits up in bed and stretches. While his girlfriend sleeps on her side of the bed, he reads a letter from his best friend. He walks out of the bedroom and she yawns.

He writes a letter in response while lying in bed. At night, he and his best friend play basketball. She hugs Uncle Sam and leaves with him. He calls out “hey” as he holds the basketball.

He stands in the hallway of his home.

She watches from the window as Uncle Sam gets dropped off by his best friend. He plays the piano and she throws a piece of paper at him. He turns around, takes off his glasses, exclaiming, “what?” He gives her a card and she flicks it with her fingers. Over dinner, his best friend hands her the same card. She smiles at him. His best friend gives her a set of keys as they sit in the family room. She sticks them in her couch. Uncle Sam asks her opinion about some photographs.

At another late pick-up basketball game, she stares at his best friend while she hugs Uncle Sam. She sleeps with his best friend. His best friend picks her up and they walk through a garden. They sit in the chairs and kiss. She realizes it’s Uncle Sam singing on the platform and she covers her face with her hand. His best friends walks out. Uncle Sam continues to sing on the platform.

Rating: 3.5/5

Uncle Sam gets the mail and sees his former best friend pull into the driveway. He slams the door as his friends walks up to his porch. His former best friend says he’s sorry and that it’s over between his ex-girlfriend. He sighs and opens the door.

His former best friend says it began slowly. They started talking one day as she was waiting for him. He kissed her one day and says it was all him. He says to blame him for the affair and he hopes they can be friends again someday. Uncle Sam scoffs and tells him it’s not possible. He says he knew he loved her and still took her from her anyhow. He doesn’t care. Uncle Sam closes the door on him and walks to the kitchen table.

While he sifts through the mail, he receives a notice regarding the pick-up games. He tears it up and throws it in the garbage can. His former best friend was the one who got him involved in the pick-up games. Through him, he made several close friends. They even won a championship together. They were like brothers to him. However, some of them sided with his former best friend and believe he’s being unreasonable. One of his friends call him and say they are going to replace him with someone else for the tournament. He says that’s fine and he isn’t coming back for next season. His friend says he understands and hopes he’ll return after the drama blows over. He says he’ll think about it. His friend says his former best friend has been causing trouble between members for awhile. They may kick him out if and he’ll let him know when it happens. Uncle Sam says that’s fine and that they have to hang out for dinner sometime. His friend says after the tournament is over, they’ll figure out a time.

Directors: Christopher Erskin & Nathan Morris Year: 1998

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