Video Review: Fabolous & Ne-Yo “Make Me Better”

A lightbulb shines in the bathroom as Fabolous washes his hands. He takes off his glasses and looks in the mirror. Ne-Yo stands against Persian red wall. Fabolous washes his face. A young woman (Roselyn Sanchez) waits for Fabolous by the entrance. Ne-Yo gives her the once-over as he passes by her. Fabolous stares at her while he walks to his booth. The second young woman tilts her head at her and sits on Fabolous’ lap.

Ne-Yo sits across from Fabolous with two young women on each side of him. Fabolous stares at the young woman while his bodyguard talks on his phone. The second young woman glares at the young woman. A young man (Red Cafe) approaches the young woman. Ne-Yo watches as she tells the young man to leave her alone.

Lit in sea green, Ne-Yo and Fabolous dance in a parking garage. Fabolous’s phone rings on the bathroom counter. The young woman talks to the bartender and points out the young man. Ne-Yo restrains the young man. The people clear out of the club while the young woman makes a phone call. Ne-Yo answers his phone as he walks out of the bathroom. She sees him as he exits and pulls him to her. They walk out of the club together. She stares at him while he starts his car.

Rating: 4/5

Fabolous winces as he sits on the couch. The young woman says she’ll get him some ice. He calls out for her to get her some aspirin. She says she wants to take a look at his back. He holds up his shirt and she gasps. She puts some ice on it and hands him the aspirin. He says he didn’t realize it was that bad. She says she’s grateful for him standing up for her. He really stepped up. Fabolous responds it was the right thing to do.

A year ago, though, he might’ve just let it go and continued talking with the multitude of women around him. However, in that time, he got to know the young woman. She respected who she was. She had interest in current events and feminism. The young women he talked to put her down and told him she has to go. He told them to shut up and to stop competing with her.

He knew who it was. The second young woman had tried to get the young woman in trouble. He notified his manager that the second young woman was no longer allowed to be around them. He blocked her on his phone and social media. She says that she should’ve done something but she was afraid. He tells her it’s not her fault. She tells him the swelling has gone down some. He reaches behind his back and touches her hand. She squeezes his hand and kisses his cheek.

Director: N/A Year: 2007

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