Video Review: Sia “Together”

Against a black background, Music (Maddie Ziegler), wearing rainbow earmuffs and a puffy jumpsuit smiles She puts her hands on Zu (Kate Hudson) and Ebo (Leslie Odom, Jr.)’s shoulders. Zu and Ebo dance together. Zu places the chair in the center. They have a group hug as Music sits on the chair.

Music walks to the wall. A friend waves and she squeals. They dance. Zu takes his hand. A group of children dance around the room. Zu and Ebo join them as they dance in a circle. The kids whisper to one another as Music dances in the center. Music hugs her friend.

George (Hector Elizondo) dances into the room. Music grins and dances with him.

Rating: 0/5

Zu puts a finger over her lips and tucks her thumb underneath her skin. Music continues to spin around the room. Ebo asks her to please stop. Music blows a raspberry. Zu walks over to her and hands her a notepad. She says she can write down what she’s trying to say. Music stomps off. Zu turns to Ebo as they sit on the couch and says she doesn’t know what to do. Ebo says they are going to have to send her to a behavioral center.

Music sits in her room and clutches her stuffed animal. She looks around the room and cries. Zu and Ebo didn’t want her. She was going to stay here forever. She pushes away one of the nurses. During creative therapy, she moves with droopy arms and a frown. A nurse asks her why she’s sad. She turns her head and points to a picture of her Zu and Ebo. The nurse says they’ll visit her and want to help her get better.

A young man asks her to dance. She grins as they dance until they fall asleep on the floor. One of the nurses tells them it’s curfew and they have to go to bed. Music calls out for him. He was her first friend. The nurse says they’ll be able to talk tomorrow.

During family therapy, Music says she knows her family loves her. They want her to be well. Zu says she’s so happy to her hear her voice. Ebo says he’s proud of her. The therapist recommends that she’ll be able to go home with them in a week. She hugs the therapist and thanks him for changing her life.

Director: Sia Year: 2020

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