Video Review: Eve & Alicia Keys “Gangsta Lovin'”

A group of 15-year-old young woman stand in a line in the kitchen and put food on their plates. Eve and Alicia Keys sit on a couch and talk privately. In the backyard, a young man dives into the pool.

Eve and Keys sit next to each other in lounge chairs in the backyard. Eve leans against the wall in one of the rooms in her house. While sitting in the lounge chair, she eyes a young man as he says hello to his friend near the pool.  She and the young man stare at each other. Keys tries to get her attention.

She spots him talking with a second young woman on the second floor. He watches her as she walks past the stairs. In the game room, he poses for a photo with a third young woman. At night, they talk at the pool. They exchange phone numbers. He answers his phone as he leans against the wall. She talks to him as she leans against the railing, connecting the two wings of the house together.

She walks to him as he sits on a couch on the patio. He hands her their puppy. Keys walks on the deck. Eve smiles at him while he holds their puppy as they walk on the beach. Eve and Keys dance on the deck. They cuddle during a bonfire in the backyard.

Rating: 4/5

Alicia Keys asks Eve if she needs any help. Eve tells her to sit and that she’s not there to work. Their puppy jumps up on Keys and barks. Keys remarks that he’s really cute. The young man puts the pie on the table and says he’s been getting into everything. Eve says he has so much energy and to please tire him out. Keys throws him the ball and says she can suggest a trainer for them. Eve sighs with relief and says that would be wonderful. Keys giggles as the puppy licks her face as she looks up numbers on her phone. She says the phone number and the young man writes it down.

The puppy whimpers and the young man says he’s going to take him outside. Keys walks into the kitchen and tells Eve the young man is such a great guy. She says she’s really happy. Keys says she can tell. Eve puts down the towel and says she hopes it works out. Keys puts her arm around her and says he’s actually trying to get to know her. He cares about her friends. Eve says it’s the first time any guy has moved in with her and worries about their first fight. Keys says if he leaves, he wasn’t who he thought he was.

The young man walks back in with the puppy. The puppy gets its ball and the young man asks Keys about her job. She says she may be up for a promotion but hasn’t heard anything about it yet. Eve says she needs to quit her job. They’ve been giving her the run-around for years. Keys says they got rid of the old management since then. The young man says if they fire her or anything, he can get her a job at his office. Eve says there’s always a spot at her store and they could hang out all the time. Keys says she’ll consider it but she wants to find out about the promotion before she does anything. The puppy barks at Keys. The young man walks over to the puppy and tells him to say goodnight to Keys. Keys pats him on the head.

Director: Director X Year: 2002

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