Video Review: Lauv “Tattoos Together”

Lauv wakes up in bed, holding his girlfriend’s hand on his chest. He turns to her and pulls back her hair. She touches his neck. He gets up and puts on his shirt. She gives him a kiss on the cheek.

Walking out the door of his home, he sees a young man busking on the sidewalk. Lauv gives him some money as the young man plays the cello. His neighbors walk out of his building and dance with him on the sidewalk. He walks across the street and buys a bouquet of flowers. He helps a twentysomething man play chess with a seventysomething man on the sidewalk. The twentysomething man high-fives him. A street vendor waits with his order of his coffee.

He dances in the street with his neighbors. Back on the sidewalk, he makes the game-winning move for the twentysomething man. They celebrate his win. In the street, he finds a jewelry box with a ring. His neighbors cheer him on as he walks home. He exclaims, “what the f-” and facepalms once he sees his girlfriend in bed with a young man.

Rating: 2/5

Lauv sets up his next appointment to get his tattoo removed with the receptionist. He pays his co-pay and shakes his arm as he leaves the office. Looking at it, he sees the outline of the image. It finally took five sessions but most of it was gone.

In his apartment, he finds a t-shirt of his girlfriend and throws it away in the trash, He really thought they’d get married. They had been together for six months and it felt right. His parents told him to slow down and think. But he had to ask. There was a series of back-and-forth. They got back together for a few weeks after he saw them. But he realized his feelings changed and he didn’t love her as much as he did. She assured him it would be like it was.

His current girlfriend texts him that she’s on the way to his apartment. He clears some of his drawers and moves some of his clothes to another closet. She turns her key in the lock and says she needs help with some of her boxes. He skips to the door and gives her a kiss. She says they are almost married now. He calls her his wife and picks her up and carries her into the bedroom. She laughs as he places her on the bed.

Director: Declan Whitebloom Year: 2020

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