Video Review: Mario Vazquez “Gallery”

Mario Vazquez stands on the dancefloor of the bar and watches as a young woman walks in. She sees him, pushes back a strand of her and smiles as she sits on the stool. Her boyfriend puts his hand on her shoulders as he orders for them. He puts his arm around her as she stands by him, glancing at Vazquez.

Wearing a white dress shirt and white pants, Vazquez stands in the street at night. In the morning, he looks up at her apartment and grins as he sees standing on the balcony. She walks down the fire escape and stares into his eyes. They hide by the wall as her boyfriend drives by in her car. He rubs her arm as they stands on the sidewalk again.

Back at the bar, she stares Vazquez as she leaves with her boyfriend. Vazquez walks out of the bar. While walking home, he sees her standing by the steps of an apartment building. She kisses him.

Rating: 3.5/5

The young woman’s boyfriend glares at Mario Vazquez and bumps into his shoulder as he walks to the bathroom. The young woman gives Vazquez a disappointed look and stares at him. He wouldn’t have enough time to talk to her. The young woman slinks back and avoids his gaze. Vazquez raises his eyebrows as her boyfriend walks past him. The young man’s nostrils flare. Still looking at him, the young man takes the young woman’s hand and walks out with her.

Sometimes they had an entire hour. However, like some nights, they only had a half hour. They had grab whatever time they could. The young woman had wanted to run over to him and kiss Vazquez. In her apartment, she fills out online job applications on her laptop. There wasn’t a way she could stay at her current job once she broke up with her boyfriend. They worked together and he was in a salaried position. While he didn’t have an executive position, he had enough power to affect how his peers saw her. They adored her. However, she knew once she broke up with him, they’d forget about her. She wouldn’t even be able to use them as references. She receives a call and talks with a manager. She says she can make the interview next week.

At the bar, she sees Vazquez again. She wanted to tell him the good news. However, she had to wait until they had a private moment. Her boyfriend grumbles to her that Vazquez is always around and he’d like to give him a piece of his mind. He tells her to wait and walks over to Vazquez. Standing in front of Vazquez, he tells him to find another girl. Vazquez nods and says if there’s anything else.

While they walk out, she tells him she doesn’t want to be with him anymore. He laughs and says it’s about Vazquez. She says it’s always has been. He lets go of her hand and says she’s on her own. She says she can handle it and waits by the steps for Vazquez as her now ex-boyfriend drives away.

Director: N/A Year: 2006

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