Video Review: Megan Thee Stallion “Captain Hook”

A message reads on the screen: “last night in the studio….” Megan The Stallion pulls up her sleeves as she sits at the table. She opens her water bottle. Her friend discusses her lyrics with her as she sits across from her. Her friend provides beats as she writes.

She sings into the microphone in the glass booth. She shakes her butt.

Her friend talks on her cell phone while she continues to write. She and her friend drink while they sit at the table.

Several of her friends walk into the studio. Her friend offers them drinks. Her group of friends dance in the glass booth as she stands outside of it. A group of her male friends play a game of dice on the floor. One of her female friends touches her shoulders as she dances in the glass booth.

While a male friend of hers sleeps in the corner, someone draws “lit” on his forehead. Within the glass studio, she taps on of her female friend’s butts as everyone stands around them.

Rating: 2/5

Megan Thee Stallion dozes in the backseat as one of her friends drives her home. One of her friends says they ended up finishing the song. Stallion replies that she was stuck before they got there. As she sprawls out in the backseat, she asks them to wake her up.

One of her friends tap her on the shoulder and says they are at her house. She says they can stay over if they want and adds she just got her second wind. Her second friend asks if she has promotion to do in the afternoon. Stallion shrugs and says she’ll take a nap as she pours herself a drink. Her friends each take a glass. She tells them to raise their glasses to “multi-platinum.” She puts on some music and continues to dance.

Stallion turns off the alarm on her phone and goes back to sleep on the couch. One of her friends yawns and shakes her arm. Her second friend says she has to get to work. Stallion stands up and grabs a quick change of clothes. She says to give her 15 minutes. As she takes a quick shower and puts on her clothes, she grabs her cosmetic bag and tells her friends she’s ready to go. Her friends remark that she was really fast as they finish fixing their hair. She says she’s gotten to used it and says she’s going to go. Her friend says they’ll drive her. She says she can handle it. Her friend comments that her eyes are barely open.

Director: Megan Thee Stallion Year: 2020

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