Video Review: Ellie Goulding “Power”

Lit in aqua, Ellie Goulding sits up in bed and hunches her shoulder. Lit in a faded pink, she lets her hand touch the pillow. In an aqua lit split screen, she carries her phone as she stands, wearing an unbuttoned white t-shirt and black bra. Wearing high heels and a garter, she crosses her legs as she sits in a chair.

Holding her phone in front of her, she films herself, wearing a business suit as she stands in front of the door. She touches a bust in the bedroom She lies back in bed in her business suit, her chin in her hands. She takes off her earrings.

In black-and-white, she kicks off her heels. In an aqua lit split screen, she leans her body against the bust by the window. Against a cherry red background, three versions of herself stand in silhouette as she dances in her unbuttoned shirt and bra. Back in aqua, she plays the guitar. She tilts her phone.

Back in cherry red, she puts her hand over the screen.

Rating: 3.5/5

Ellie Goulding pushes back her long, hair in her social media story and says promote the lacy bra she’s wearing. She reads the comments that say she’s beautiful. Her boyfriend, a famous influencer with his own clothing line and books, says that she looks hot. She ends her story and reads her direct message from her boyfriend. He says to split half of her earnings from the sponsorship with him. She hesitates and bites her lips. It was the second time he tried to claim credit for her work. She tells him “okay” and tries to find another sponsorship.

As they walk down on the street, his photographer films them. He kisses her and pulls back, telling both of them it’s enough for the day. He instructs her to put on her sunglasses and says he’s can’t be recognized today. She says she didn’t chance to eat yet. He sighs, saying they are on a tight schedule and for to get some healthy and fast. She scurries over the diner and orders a muffin. The host tells her it’ll be about ten minutes as she rings someone up. Glancing out the window, she sees her boyfriend check the time on his watch and throw up his hands at her. She shrugs and points to the line.

She takes a bite of her muffin as she walks next to him. He rolls her eyes and says she’s being a trainwreck. She puts the napkin under her chin and says she’s almost finished. He checks the current trends and says she needs to place a black square on her Instagram. She asks him to send it to her and she’ll post it. He posts it and says they have to care about social causes or people are going to think they only care about clothes. She nods and says she’s learning a lot from him.

Directors: Imogen & Riccardo Year: 2020


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