Video Review: LL Cool J “I Need Love”

Fans cheer outside Tower Records as they wait for LL Cool J.

His friends kiss and drink with several young women in the hotel room. LL Cool J walks around his hotel. Some guests follow him. He sits on a couch.

A limousine pulls up to the store.  A young woman cries on the bed as he stands with his back turned to her. He leaves her home. LL Cool J walks out the store and shakes hands with his fans. Several bodyguards help him into the limousine.

At the the hotel, a news reporter asks him, “how is tour going?” He responds, “it’s really successful and it’s real hectic. There’s girls calling all the time.” His manager, says, “Hey LL.” He gets up from the couch and says to the reporter, “see what I mean?” The young woman’s father sees the a note from LL Cool J and says to her, “what did I tell you about these rap guys!” She screams as he tears down a LL Cool J poster.

The young woman walks with the crowd to the record store. He looks for her. She shakes as she stands in the crowd and moves through the people to get to the limousine. He holds her hand as she sits next to him and apologizes to her, saying, “I live a hectic life. If you come with me to Atlantic City, I’ll make it up to you. Still love me or what?” She answers “yes.” He kisses her hand and gazes into her eyes.

In the hotel room, he holds her hand as they stand on the balcony. They hug. As he walks past the swimming pool, one of his friends asks him to join them and says there’s lots of ladies. A second young woman pours champagne in the pool. A third young woman asks him he wants to hook up. He responds, “I’m chillin’.” He stands by the wall of pool and takes a moment.

Rating: 5/5

The young woman dabs her eyes with a tissue. Her mom knocks on her door and tells her she’ll find someone appropriate for her. She says LL Cool J isn’t like them and lives a different life from them. She says LL Cool J is doing the right thing by her, even if she doesn’t know it. The young woman says she loves him and wants to be with him. Her mother says he has to want it to work, too. The young woman says she’s going to the record store appearance today anyway.

Her father instructs her to not to go. She says she has to try for their relationship. Her father tells her he’s bad news and that he’ll cheat on her. She says he’s not like that. Her father say he’s only using her to make himself look good and that he won’t even acknowledge her interviews. She says she’s okay with it. They haven’t decided to go public yet. She slams the door as she leaves.

LL Cool J signs the last album at the record store. He searches for the young woman in the aisles and says to his security she’s not here. His security says they’ll talk about it later and tells him they need to leave now. He waves to his fans and scans the crowd for her. He sees her weaving through the crowd and tells his driver to wait. Security allows her into the car. She says she knows he was looking out for her. However, she knows what she’s signing up for. He says he’s going to have to talk to his publicist and think of a plan to introduce her. She says she’s okay letting people know now. He says it means giving up her current life and possibly not going back for a long time. She says she’s wants to do it. He takes her hand and gives her a kiss. People call out “who is she?” and want to know her name. He whispers her to not to say anything and follow his lead.

Director: N/A Year: 1987

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