Video Review: Gunna “Wunna”

In Hopewell, Jamaica, a group of people stand by the palm trees. A young man smokes by the window. Below, a second young man plays the guitar. A young woman braids Gunna’s hair as he sits inside the home. Gunna exhales as he stands with a group of people by the palm trees.

Gunna sits on a block of steps in the backyard. He sits on the couch. A stack of books cover the table. The young woman opens the gate to the home. A second young woman takes off the towel around her as she sits in the bath with a third young woman. Sitting backwards in the chair, he spreads his money out in his hand. The young women kiss in the bath.

A fourth young woman, wearing a thong bikinis, carries her drink as she walks to the pool. Gunna dances on the balcony at the resort and checks out the fourth young woman. Gold watches sit on a table in the home. He records in the studio. As the two young women continue to sit next to each other in the bath, Gunna leans against it.

A t-shirt hangs on the clothesline. He talks to his friend Lil Durk on the phone. Back at the resort, he continues to drink.

Rating: 3/5

Gunna rests on the lounge chair and sips his drink. The fourth young woman whispers in his ear. He gives her a kiss and holds her hand. She smiles at him. Gunna pats her hand and says he’s going to take a walk. While he takes his walk, he gazes at the ocean. He sees people water skiing and rents one for an hour. He had some time before he had to get back to the shoot. It was the first time in two days he was able to sight-see a bit.

On the way back to the resort, he calls Lil Durk and asks if he could still make it. Lil Durk says he’s got worked lined up for the week and won’t be able to fly out. He tells Lil Durk if he has some cancellations to come out to Jamaica.  Lil Durk says he sees what he can do.

Gunna returns to the resort and talks with the director. The director explains they have to finish a couple of shots and they’ll be done for the day. The director films as the stylist braids his hair and records a song in the makeshift studio. As the sun sets, the director calls out “that’s it for the day!” Gunna and his friends take car and go into town to get something to eat.

As they eat, Gunna says he wants to go clubbing for awhile. He’ll sleep on the plane. His friends says they have to go Rick’s Cafe. His friend says he read about it before the trip and wanted to go. At the bar, Gunna screams as he stands on the cliff and jumps into the water.

Director: Spike Jordan Year: 2020

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