Video Review: Scandal & Patty Smyth “The Warrior”

Patty stands in an alley and watches a young man with knives for hands. He slices a part of her jacket. Two young women, covered in mud, turn to look at him. A second young man lifts his head up as he lies in a pile of rope. The young man turns and four rope people pounce. A  third young man, wearing a face shield, kicks him. The young man leaps onto some boxes and sees a young woman, wearing an iridescent dress. She wraps some of her ruffles around his neck as they dance. She lies lifeless on top of the sewer.

All the young women surround him, including Patty, who has painted red and blue streaks on her face. He overtakes them and they retreat. Two roped men try to fight him off. Patty screams and he leaps over her. They circle one another. He lifts her up and watches her. She falls into his arms and he catches her. She walks away unscathed.

Rating: 3.5/5

Patty touches her shoulder and groans. The young man, with knives for hands, had cut her. She opens her jacket and sees a few scratches. It had been close. She hadn’t seen him before. Although many creatures slept by the dumpsters, they were relatively harmless. However, he was in their territory. The creature with a face shield, who was usually kept to himself, was growling by the garbage can.

The roped men tried to restrain him. However, it was no use. He was not intimidated by them. The creature with the face shield, had managed to subdue him somewhat. He cowered in the corner but remained alert. The creature with the face shield walked over to her and nodded. She spread out her arms and went towards the center. The young man with knives for hands had to know she was in control.

She couldn’t be afraid any longer. She had to go home. The young man with knives had to let her through. She fights him with all her strength. He holds her and she realizes the young man with knives was half human. There was a soul inside of him. She asks him his name. He garbles an unintelligible word. She tries to make it out and he nods. Pointing to the roof, more sounds come out of his mouth. She thinks he may be lost and finds some food in her purse. Bubbles form under her chin while she unwraps the crackers. He sits down on the ground and eats them. She puts her arm around him and says she’ll help him find his home. He stares at her, his eyes wide.

Director: N/A Year: 1984

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