Video Review: Machine Gun Kelly “Bloody Valentine”

A young woman (Megan Fox) smiles at Machine Gun Kelly while they lie in bed. He wakes up and realizes he can’t move his body. She lights a candle on his nightstand while he struggles to break the tape around the ankles and wrists. He shakes his head no as she puts a piece of tape around his mouth.

Wearing a t-shirt and black short shorts, she dances in the hallway between the staircases.

In the backyard, hHe sings into a microphone while she dances behind him. It rotates to her singing into microphone and playing a pink guitar. He hops behind her, his mouth and ankles taped.

Back in bed, she ruffles his hair and rubs her foot on his cheek while he lies sideways. She mocks him crying at the kitchen table with him tied in a chair across from her. She walks to him, removes the tape and feeds him some doughnut.

Lit in candy red, she runs her hand through her hair as she sits with him in the bathroom.

She holds a small piano in the backyard. He hops over and plays it. Back in the kitchen, she carries a glass of wine and kisses him on the cheek.  Lit in midnight, they sit in bed together and stare into one another’s eyes. In the backyard, she joins in as he sings into the microphone,

He sits in the bathtub, his wrists and ankles taped. She sits against the bathtub, holding a hair dryer and drops it in the water. Pink lines of electricity run through his body as he convulses.

Rating: 3/5

The young woman puts her finger on Machine Gun Kelly’s lips and tells him not to scream. He nods his head and says he’ll do whatever she says. She rolls her eyes and asks him to please not to talk. Pinching his cheeks, she says that he’s really cute. She shrugs, saying “whatever” and tells him to behave while she walks out of the room. He looks to the window. He slides on the bed and lands on the floor.

She walks in, toothbrush in hand and shakes her head, asking him, “didn’t I tell you to be good?” She lifts him up and says maybe he needs some breakfast. She links her arm in his and lets him hop down the stairs. As she opens a box of doughnuts, she says he reminds her of her first boyfriend. Grabbing his cheeks, she says he cheated on her and was unfaithful, something he could never be. He promises to love only her. She says it doesn’t matter. He gazes at the door and she smirks. He sighs and hangs his head. She had made an extra key. After they eat, she dabs his face and says he’s such a mess. She holds his arm and as they hop back upstairs.

In the bathtub, he eyes her as she holds the hair dryer. She comments that her hair got wet from trying to keep him clean. He thinks of his family and hopes she gets caught. Grunting, he rocks back and forth. She pats him on the shoulder and says he’s so hyper.

As he lies lifeless, she washes her hands in the sink and fluffs her hair. She pouts and tells him she loved him as she puts on her shoes and walks down the stairs. He was so nice. However, after a month of dating, he still hadn’t asked her to marry him. He really missed out on a long and caring relationship.

Director: Michael Garcia Year: 2020

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