Video Review: Mary J. Blige “Everything”

Mary J. Blige walks out of a cave in Kauai, Hawaii. A helicopter flies over the mountains. She stands on a grassy cliff. Wearing a black dress, she stands on the beach.

She stands on a rock in the middle of the ocean.

While several young men kayak, she sits in the middle of the boat as they row.

Rating: 4/5

Mary J. Blige views the humpback whale leap in the air as she sits on the beach. She takes a picture with her camera. Streching out, she places her feet by the shore. The water splashes her ankles. She listens to ocean and watches the waves.

Visiting Hawaii had been her dream trip for years. She had been saving it for her honeymoon destination. However, that part of her life hadn’t happened yet. It might will. But she couldn’t wait any longer. Some of her friends offered to go with her. However, she wanted to be by herself.

She walks into town and tries kalua pig at dinner. Clapping her to the music, she dances in her seat. One of the hula dancers invite her on stage and she joins them. As she finishes her coconut pudding, she watches the fire knife dance.

At the hotel, she kicks up her feet and sets her clock for 6 a.m. She packs her backpack with water and a spare of pair tennis shoes. Looking over the map, she traces the trail with her finger and looks out the window. She talks to her mom on her phone and says she’s having a fun time on her trip. Her mom says she’s glad to hear it and can’t wait to see pictures. She says she has an entire roll already. Her mom asks if she’s getting around all right. Blige says she had to ask for help to get the actual park. She explains the people were really pleasant. Her mom tells her to be careful and that she’ll talk to her tomorrow after her hike. Blige tells her mom goodbye and shuts off the light. It had been an eventful night. However, she had a long day ahead of her tomorrow and wanted to be rested.

Director: Hype Williams Year: 1997

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