Video Review: Jhené Aiko & Ab-Soul “One Way St.”

At night, Jhené Aiko stands between the wall between a building in Chinatown in Los Angeles, California.  In a split screen, she walks on the street. Her head and shoulders are seen (top) Below, her feet are seen.

She walks across the street of the Chinatown Central Plaza. She sits on the a horse on the children’s carousel as it turns. She leans against a pole on the sidewalk of Chung King Road. With her jacket over her arms, she dances by a graffitied wall. She sits by her car parked on the curb and walks on the bridge.

Ab-Soul raps on the street of Chinatown Central Plaza. He joins Aiko as she dance within a coiled tunnel. She dances at Union Station and sits in front of her car. Waving goodbye, she walks past a mural.

Rating: 4.5/5

Jhené Aiko laughs and gives Ab-Soul a playful punch on his arm as they ride bikes through Chinatown. He says he wants to get bing eggs. They stop at the crosswalk and wait for the light. She says she’s going to pick up some stuff for her mom at Now Serving afterwards.

She looks through the cookbooks and sees Ab-Soul playing with a kitchen utensil. She nudges him and says she’s going to pay. He says he wants to stay for Summer Nights. She says that’s okay. They stop at Scoops. He orders a Guinness ice cream cone with sprinkles. She reads the list and gets blueberry lavender in a cup. He says he hears some music and they walk to the stage. They sway to the music and leave at around midnight after the last act. Aiko says she’s tired as she dozes off in their Lyft.

Their driver drops Aiko off first. She says they have to get together again. Chinatown is always the best with him. Ab-Soul says he has some shows coming up and they can meet up then. Aiko tells her to send her the dates and she’ll go. Ab-Soul says he’ll text her the information. She asks if him if he wants to crash at her house. Ab-Soul tips the driver and says he’s getting out. She asks her sister is going to be excited to see him. Ab-Soul says she’s probably up. She turns the key in the door and calls out hello to her sister and lets her know Ab-Soul is with her.

Director: N/A Year: 2020

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