Video Review: O-Town “Liquid Dreams”

Silver droplets of water bounce and splash, forming thick poles. A droplet opens up. Within the droplet, Ashley sings by the spinning wall of water. A young woman, made of water, swims by him. Trevor touches her hands. Jacob waves his finger as he dances and Erik nods further within the droplet. Dan looks up.

Wearing black t-shirts and pants, they dance on a silver platform. Silver platforms move up and down. A young woman springs up from within the platform next to them.

They dance by their crystallized logo as droplets continue to fall. Several young women materialize from the water and and dance. Back on the silver platforms, crystallized young woman dance behind them as they rise up.

They stand on a long silver platform while speakers bounce on the wall.

They dance with the now-human women as a waterfall pours behind them.

Rating: 1/5

Jacob sees a young woman cross the street and bumps into a pole. As he comments to Ashley about her, he faints. Erik slaps his cheek and calls out his name. Dan calls 911. Ashley and Trevor go into the stores and ask for some towels.

Jacob talks with the young woman and asks her name. She says she saw him on television and likes his voice. He apologizes for being forward. She says it’s not an issue and that she was too nervous to even say hello. Jacob touches her cheek and she blushes. He says she’s so pretty. She says she can’t believe she’s talking to a star. He shakes his head and says he’s just like her. His job is just a public one. He takes her hand and points to the pastry shop.

At the pastry shop they share a sundae. He feeds her a some ice cream. Some syrup dribbles down her chin and she cringes, saying “how embarrassing!” He dabs it with a napkin and says it doesn’t matter. Outside the pastry shop, she thanks him for the sundae and it was nice meeting him. He asks if he can kiss her. She nods and says “yes.” They kiss. Taking a deep breath, he offers to walk her home and suggests hanging out at the hotel with him for awhile. She grins and says it’d be fun.

At the hotel, Jacob shows her his hotel room. He says it isn’t much and he hadn’t time to really clean up. She takes off her jacket and says she’s so warm. She unbuttons the first button on her shirt.

The doctor says Jacob is up. Jacob groans and says he was having the best dream. Dan says, “glad to see you’re okay, buddy.” Trevor helps him out of the hospital bed. Jacob says he wished he had a chance to talk to that young woman.

Director: N/A Year: 2000

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