Video Review: Kygo & Zak Abel “Freedom”

Against a black screen, a message reads: “this was gonna to be a music video shot in The Maldives. It was gonna have blue waters and palm trees swaying in the wind. An animated palm tree moves on the beach while a dolphin leaps in the ocean. The message reads: “Zak Abel was going to play guitar on the beach and I was gonna play piano in the sunset. None of that happened.” Animated versions of them playing their instruments by the palm tree.

Kygo watches the royal blue sky while the message explains: “Zak and I can’t go anywhere. We’re both in lockdown.” Kygo plays videogames on his computer and plays the piano. Abel sets up the camera in his kitchen. He picks up a stool and sings. The message reads: “we were excited to go the Maldives. But those plans are postponed.” Abel makes coffee. The message reads: “So we’re going to stay home and make the best of it.” Abel puts some fruit on a plate and places it in the microwave. He waits a few minutes and it’s a complete meal.

Kygo sits on the couch and eats chips as he watches television. He plays on his phone and juggles toilet paper. The message reads: “I’m not sure when my next show will be. So I’m spending time working on new music.” He plays guitar and laughs. The message reads: “(and I don’t even know how to play guitar).”

Abel sings into a ceramic bird and turns on a lamp as he sits on the floor. Kygo puts on the trash. He Facetimes with Abel while he sits on the couch. He does push-ups on the carpet. Abel dances in his kitchen and in front of a white wall in his family room. He vacuums the carpet and wall of the family room. A message reads: ” I guess the lesson is to try to make the best out of a difficult situation. Stay home. Stay safe.”

Rating: 3/5

Kygo views pictures of The Maldives on the the island’s website. He thinks of how he was going to take Zak Abel windsurfing. Abel had been nervous about it. However, he assured him it would be safe. The COVID-19 pandemic put a stop to it and it was cancelled.

He puts together a jigsaw puzzle in his living room. It hadn’t done one since he was a kid. But he had watched a majority of his list on streaming and wrote about 5 songs. He finally got around to organizing his photos and digitized them. They had been sitting in his drawers for years and he hadn’t looked at them for years. As he laminates the jigsaw puzzle, he taps his foot. There wasn’t much to do. Everything was done.

He was grateful for the time. It was the longest amount of time he’s been in one place for years. He didn’t realize how much his life was on the go and scheduled until he couldn’t do anything. However, he wanted to get back on the road and travel. But it was likely not to happen until next year. While he reads the reports and sees the numerous deaths, his heart breaks. He hopes his friends and family are okay. He fears getting the phone call and not being able to say goodbye. While walking to the kitchen, he coughs and immediately checks his forehead. He must’ve done it about five times already. He thinks of calling the doctor and remembers it was his allergies. Sitting on the couch, he wraps the blanket around himself and closes his eyes. Another help will help him feel better.

Director: Johannes Lovund Year: 2020

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