Video Review: Cherish & Sean Paul of Youngbloodz “Do It To It”

Farrah crosses her arms as her father tells her, “you’re the oldest. No late nights, no boys, no parties.” Farrah says the she knows. Neosha, Fallon, and Felisha nod as they stand on the stairs. Farrah watches her parents leave the house and says, “you all know it’s on, right?”

Farrah throws her a top on the bed as she looks in her closet. Felisha takes some of her clothes and she gives her sister the side-eye. She calls one of her friends on the phone.

They dance against a sky blue background.

Neosha puts on her necklace while she sits on her bed. Felisha ties her sneakers on the staircase. Fallon puts on her earrings in the bathroom. In a quadruple split screen, Farrah talks with several friends on the phone. Neosha greets one of their friends at the door. Farrah opens her bedroom door and her sisters follow her. Neosha talks in the bathroom with Fallon and puts on a hat. Felisha puts her mp3 player in the speakers and they listen to music. They dance in the family room and kitchen. In a quadruple split screen, they dance in all the rooms.

The sun sets and the guys arrive at their party. Sean Paul dances at the party. A group of people hold paper plates and get food in the kitchen. Two friends park on the grass and walk to their home. Their friends dance in the family room.

Bottles, dirty plates and food lie on the table in the family room as they sleep. Farrah wakes up at the sound of the door. Their father exclaims “what!” as he walks into the house as her sisters jerk awake. Their mother demands to know “what is going on here?” Their father repeats the rules. A young man says, “and no more chicken?” as he walks past their dad. They sit on the couch, their hands on their foreheads.

Rating: 4/5

Farrah puts the vacuum away and hands it over to Neosha. Felisha exclaims “ew!” as she picks up some dirt and food. She says she doesn’t even what to know where it came from. Fallon cleans up the dishes from the counter and says she’s so tired of looking at dishes.

Their father inspects the cushions of the couch and bends down on the floor to see if there’s anything on the carpet. Feeling the counter, he says that it’s still sticky and should be washed again. He also says there’s some mess upstairs, too. Neosha groans. Farrah curses and says they told people to stay downstairs. Their mother tells her to watch her mouth. Fallon says they’ll get it as she walks over the counter.

While in the study, Fallon says she can’t wait to take a nap. Felisha jumps up and says she found her favorite top. She thought she lost it. Neosha says since she’s already got a pile of clothes, she’ll add it to the wash. Fallon says she knows they are grounded but it was worth it. Felisha nods and says her crush texted her. Farrah says it was her idea and she’ll talk to their parents. It’s not fair they are all grounded. Felisha says it’ll only be a week. Neosha adds that dad will cave and he’ll give up by tomorrow. Farrah smiles and tells them to get back to work.

Director: Benny Boom Year: 2006

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