Video Review: Surf Mesa & Emilee “ily (i love you baby)”

In Los Angeles, California, Surf Mesa adjusts his necklace as he dances by his car. The cars travel between the two main roads.

He drives his car through the a suburb. While walking on the beach, he pulls up his hoodie. As he drives, he forms a heart with his hand. He parks his car on the curb at home. He rides his skateboard on the street in his neighborhood. At night, he sits cross-legged on the street. He parks his car in a hotel parking lot and sits on the hood. Laughing, he forms a heart with his hand as he walks on the beach.

Rating: 2/5

Surf Mesa forms a heart with his hand while walking. His friend remarks, as he films, that his new girlfriend has turned into a goofball. He says he wants to show he’s thinking of her. His friend posts the video and says it’s just every moment. Mesa says he’ll understand once he meets someone. His friend says he’s met a lot of young women and never acted like a fool for them. Mesa reads his texts and says she thinks it’s cute and that it’s matters.

Mesa asks them to stop by her house and says he wants to leave a surprise for her. His friend rolls his eyes and asks for his directions. Mesa leaves a note in her mailbox and says it’ll be for when she gets back. His friend says they haven’t even been dating that long. He’s going to scare her off. Mesa says it’s been two months and it’s one of their things. His friend says he doesn’t want to know.

Back at school, he gives her a kiss by her locker. She says she loved his note and it was really sweet. He says he missed her. She says her parents told that she could live without him for a week. However, she thought about him the entire time and apologizes for texting so much. He says he didn’t mind. It brightened his day. His friend tells them to stop mooning over each other already. They are going to be late. Mesa gives her a kiss and says he’ll talk to her after class.

Director: N/A Year: 2020

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