Video Review: Donna Summer “This Time I Know It’s For Real”

Two young men point in the direction of the train while smoke billows behind them. A third young man picks up some newspapers. A young man and woman carry their luggage and dance on the platform. Donna Summer clicks her heels on the platform. The members of the crew take the people’s luggage. A map shows them traveling from London, England.

The two train members clap as the against a royal blue swirling background. Summer almost loses her balance. The line on the map goes to Shanghai, China. She holds a newspaper.

On the train, the coffee cups shake. The passengers on the train try to maintain their balance.

The line on the map goes to New York City, New York and to Paris, France.

She and the other passengers dance into the train station.

Rating: 3.5/5

Donna Summer reads a magazine while she sits on the train. A young man, a news reporter, asks if he can sit next to her. She responds, “sure.” He says he’s done some work for the magazine and is currently on assignment. She asks him about his assignment. He says he photographing a fashion in New York City, New York She says she follows fashion and asks him if he’s had any famous photographs. He says not yet. However, he’d like to put a book someday. He asks if he could take her picture. She takes some lint of her blouse and replies that she can. He says thanks.

She puts down her magazine and heads to the dining area. The train sputtters along and she puts her hand on a table to keep her balance. She apologizes to the people at the table and they say it’s fine. Sitting down, she says it’s been a bumpy ride. The young man says he’s heard rumors they have to stop for maintenance and get on another train. She sighs and says she hopes the train can last through another state.

At the station, she grabs her station and greets her boyfriend. He takes her bags and asks her about her trip. She says the train broke down and it delayed them. However, she got a chance to talk to the different people and mentions she met a photographer. Her boyfriend exclaims “wow!” and adds he must’ve had a lot of interesting stories. She says he even took a picture of her and she hopes it may be in a gallery or book someday. He says she can go home for awhile, if she wants to rest up. She shakes her head and tells him she wants to walk and see the city.

Director: Dieter Trattmann Year: 1989

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