Video Review: Jubel & Neimy “Dancing In The Moonlight”

In the 1980s, an 8-year-old girl sits in the family room and  changes the channel on the remote in as her grandmother sleeps on the chair next to her. A car pulls up to the driveway and she looks through the window. Her mother puts on lipstick and leaves to be with her boyfriend. Slumped on the chair, she continues to change the channels. She picks up Noise magazine and sees Jubel on the cover. Pressing play on the tape recorder, she sings into the remote.

She performs a dance routine in the family room and knocks over the floor lamp. Grabbing the vacuum, she dances with it and lets it fall to the floor. She dances on the porch and jumps off of it. Two of her friends join her as she dances on the driveway. Two 8-year-old boys walk by and watch them. She opens the front door and her friends go back to their homes. She takes a bow and sits in the chair. Her mom walks in and she smiles at her. She and her mom dance.

Rating: 5/5

The 8-year-old girl gasps as her glasses fall on the floor. She puts them on and gets a headache. Walking to the kitchen, her mom sighs and says they’ll go the eyeglass center to get them fixed. While in the car, she moves her arms to the music. Her mom tells her she was able to sign her up lessons. She grins and says, ‘really?” Her mom she’ll start in the fall.

As they walk into the eyeglass center, she says she wants to take ballet and maybe jazz. Her mom opens the door and tells her she’s going to have to pick. She exclaims, “aww! Mom!” She says they can only afford one class. She responds ballet then.

While the technician fixes her glasses, she says she’s going to take dance classes and then moves her arm and leg in the chair. Her mom tells her, “Honey, please don’t do that and let the nice lady fix your glasses.”  She sits back in the chair and tells the technician she’s going to be a ballerina someday. She, her mom and grandma are going to live in New York City once she gets a job. The technician tells her she’ll be the star of the show. She waves goodbye to the technician and tells her mom she’s going to be a soloist someday. Her mom says it would be the perfect job for her.

Director: N/A Year: 2019

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