Video Review: Foxy Brown & Jay-Z “I’ll Be”

A group of people dance inside a home during a party. A DJ spins two records on the turntables. Wearing a plum cut-out dress, Foxy Brown walks to the center of the room and raps. Jay-Z leans against a tan painted wall by the stairs.

She takes off her jacket as a some young women, dressed in black bra tops and pants, dance. Jay-Z stands next to her and young men, wearing white shirts and pants perform a routine. The young women join in the routine.

Brown sits by the leopard-print staircase.

Rating: 3.5/5

Foxy Brown tries on a silver dress in the dressing room. She shakes her head. It made too much noise as she moved. It was also better suited for the club. Jay-Z informed her to somewhat conservative. She puts on a long, red dress and cringes. It was as though she was going to prom. She puts her hands on her hips as she tries on the plum dress. The cut-outs were limited her hips and didn’t reveal much. She brings it to the register and pays for it.

Brown walks into the party and waves to her friends. A server passes by her with a tray of mini cabbage rolls. She takes three and and talks with her friends. Jay-Z hugs her and says she made it. She says she was afraid she was going to miss it. Jay-Z he was thinking about her after he gave her directions. She pulls out the piece of paper out of her purse with the directions. He grins as he looks at the squiggly lines. He says they are going to serving dinner soon. She nods and takes her jacket to the coat check attendant. He tells her to enjoy the evening. She smiles at him as she takes her voucher.

During dinner, she dabs her face with a napkin and glances around. Some of her soup dribbled onto the table. She tried to clean it up with the napkin. The server walks to the table and asks if she’d like more water. She answers “yes” and mentions that she had an accident with the soup. He tells her not to worry and they’ll take care of it later. A young man asks Brown how she knows their mutual friends. She says they are work colleagues of hers. He says he’s a fledgling producer but he’s interning at the moment. She shakes his hand and says and it’s nice to meet him. He says he’s get so awkward at these events. She smile and says she feels that way. Jay-Z sits down next to them and asks them about their dinner. They both say it’s really good. He tells them there’s going to be dancing later so they can eat as much as they want. Brown tells him it’s fantastic. He says it’s planned a year in advance and they hold most of their parties at the venue. He tells them to have fun. They tell him goodbye. The DJ starts to play some records and Brown does a little dance in her seat. The young man says he’s going to be so tired after dancing. She gestures for the server to bring her some wine.

Director: Brett Ratner Year: 1997

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