Video Review: Hardy, Lauren Alaina & Devin Dawson “One Beer”

A twentysomething woman walks into the bathroom and bites her lip as she waits for the result of the home pregnancy test.

Hardy, Lauren Alaina and Devin Dawson sing in a field.

The test is positive. She hugs her boyfriend in the car and cries on his shoulder. Nine months later, cards from the baby shower sit on the table in the family room. She smiles as she holds her infant in his arms. Her boyfriend holds him and talks to him.

About 8 years later, she buttons her son’s shirt in the bathroom. Her boyfriend fixes his tie. On Christmas morning, he runs downstairs. Her boyfriend hands him his present. He opens the firefighter hat and puts it on his head. At around 18 years old, he sits in bed, playing with the football between his fingers, his firefighter hat on the nightstand in his room. His father tells him, “you played a hell of a game. Don’t be so hard on yourself, okay?”

At around 25 years old, he enters a burning home as a firefighter. Back at the station, his co-worker tells him, “you know that we are not going to get that lucky again.” as he hangs up his uniform. The siren rings within the station and he runs to get onto the truck.

The truck stops at his parents’ house. His father tells him to get his mom. He puts on his hat and enters his childhood home. He rescues his unconscious mom. Lying her on the ground, he checks for a pulse. She coughs. His dad runs over and talks to the young woman. She smiles.

Back as a twentysomething woman in the bathroom, she cries in the bathroom.

Rating: 5/5

The twentysomething man cleans the dishes in his parents’ home. He asks his dad about his mom. His dad puts the dishes the away as he says that she’s getting better but still tired. He says he’s going to see her. His mom sits up in bed and asks for a hug. He hugs her and says he’s glad to see her up. She says she has a follow-up doctor’s appointment next week to check her lungs. He says to call if she needs anything. She squeezes her son’s hand and tells him he’s already done so much.

He sighs as he reads a text from his girlfriend. His girlfriend says she isn’t feeling good. His mom asks him what’s wrong. He says he’s worried about his girlfriend’s pregnant. She’s been vomiting lately. She says it could be a bug. He says he just got a job and he’s barely making anything. He isn’t sure they can manage it. She pulls him towards her and says they’ll be help. She explains they were really young when they had him and didn’t know what to do. His dad was often calling his parents in the middle of the night, wanting to know if a certain sound was wrong.

The twentysomething man sits with his girlfriend at the doctor’s office. She says she’s afraid. He holds her hand and says they won’t be alone. He’ll put in overtime, get a second job, do whatever it takes. She says she’d like to be pregnant. He says he hopes it’s a girl as beautiful as her. She grins and says she loves him.

Director: N/A Year: 2019

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