Video Review: Headie One “Rose Gold”

In black-and-white, a dog sniffs the rug of its home as it walks around the family room. A young woman poses for a selfie as she holds the dog. She places pictures on the mirror, a bust and a bottle of liquor around the house. Headie One sings in the studio in his home. He and the young woman walk down the hallway at separate times.

A video of him recording plays on the laptop in the his office, He sits at the desk and studies the song he recorded on the laptop. He lifts weights. In a split screen, he touches a jacket in his closet. A sneaker collection is displayed in his bedroom. A newspaper reads “House Arrest.”

In a triple split screen, the photos on the Rattle logo near his stereo show him walking across the street. He sits on the couch and types on his phone. At the kitchen table, he looks at various cell phones. He bends down and pets his dog. The young woman swings a hula hoop around her hips in a triple split screen. She picks up a bouquet of roses from the counter.

In the bathroom, she plucks off the petals and puts them in the bathtub. He laughs while he sits at the kitchen table.

Rating: 2.5/5

Headie One feeds his dog. The young woman pets the dog and kisses him. He asks her about her walk. She sees it odd to see everything closed. There was no traffic on the road. He says he’s taking a break from work for awhile. On the counter, he sees the roses and asks if he forgot a special occasion. She laughs and says she bought it for them. He grins and says he just has to shut off his laptop.

As he waits for her, he reads the newspaper and turns the pages. It was all about the virus. He was staying home and told the young woman not to go out unless she had to. He calls restaurants about carry-out and prints out a menu for them to order. She checks out the menu and writes down what she wants. She offers to pick it up. He says they’ll go through the app.

In the bathtub, she says it’s good to be with him. They haven’t had a chance to just be with one another. He says he likes having the time with her. She lays in his arms and says she’s scared. He says he’s worried, too and hopes the quarantine works. She says she can’t read the news. It’s too hard. A friend of hers is being tested and she’s waiting to hear. He hugs her and says they’ll get through it. She says she wouldn’t know what to do if either one of them got sick. He says not to even think about it and enjoy the time they have together now.

Director: Nathan James Tettey Year: 2020

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