Video Review: Taylor Swift “Love Story”

Taylor Swift, carries her textbook as she walks to class. She sees a young man (Justin Gaston) reading a book by the tree. They stare at one another.

Wearing a corset dress, she stands on the balcony of Gwynn Castle in Arlington, Tennessee circa 1885. The young man walks around the ballroom and watches Swift as she talks with her friends. She turns her head and smiles at him. They dance together. He whispers in her ear after the dance.

At night, she carries a lantern as she walks in the garden. She grins as she sees him enter the other side of the garden. He takes her hand and they stroll through the garden. She feeds and pets the horse. He watches her as she leaves. She plucks some cherries from the tree.

From the balcony, she sees him walking to her. She runs down the stairs and meets him in the field. Back in 2008, he walks to her and stares into her eyes.

Rating: 5/5

Taylor Swift sees the young man on campus. He seems familiar. The young man gazes at her and says to her that he believes he knows her. She tells him where she went to high school. He mentions he grew up in New Jersey but he has some family in Tennessee. They talk about their majors and classes over lunch. Afterwards, they walk around the town and talk about their families. Both were well-to-do. She says her father owns a major company. He sees he’s supposed to help out his dad but he wants to be an actor. His parents think it’s shameful. She says she sings on the side. However, she prefers something stable. They have a quick dinner and she walks with to him to his dorm. He asks her to stay over. She says she wants to and cuddles in his arms.

In the morning, she says it’s as though they shared a lifetime together. He kisses her hair and thinks they have. Their connection seems to be rare yet new at the same time. While at the library, she takes a break from studying and looks through the microfiche, She gasps as a picture of himself from 1885 pops up. It explains her forbidden romance with a playboy prince and the eventual, safe marriage she had with someone her parents had approved. Sifting through, she sees other versions of herself with him dating him dating back to the 1600s.

She calls her dad and tells him she met a young man and they’ve been dating. Her dad hears his name and says he has a bad reputation. She has to get away from him. Back at the dorm, she tells him they can’t let anything come between them. They are going to have obstacles but know she loves him more than she has  anyone else. He says he’s willing to do anything for her. She says they have to run away with each other. Their parents can’t stop them. He shows her a ring and she kisses him. He says he won’t let her get away again.

Director: Trey Fanjoy Year: 2008

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