Video Review: Justin Moore “Why We Drink”

The bartender asks Justin Moore, “what you drinkin’?” He orders a shot of whiskey and a cold beer. A fiftysomething woman asks him, “so why do you drink so much?”

He rides in his truck with his friend on the field, His friend smiles with a cigar in his mouth. A bonfire burns in a field. Several cars park in a half-circle by it. On a trail, he rides on a horse with his girlfriend next to him. Pointing his finger in the air, he rides a second tractor by himself.

He drinks his beer at the bar. At night, he dances in the field. While in his truck, he and his friend drive through a puddle. Back at the bar, he spills last of the beer onto the floor. He pats his heart and gives a salute. His girlfriend puts her around him as they dance at the bonfire with their friends. He pours beer into the bonfire.

Back on the field, he rides the tractor with no hands and his cowboy hat over his eyes. He and his friends raise their red plastic cups in the air.

Rating: 2/5

Justin Moore rolls over in the field as he wakes up and spits out the grass in his mouth. He stumbles as he stands up and looks for his girlfriend. Patting his pockets, he realizes he still has his cell phone. He texts her and asks her to pick. Heaving a sigh of relief, he sees his truck in the field. His phone beeps and reads the text from his girlfriend: “where are you?” He says he’s farther back in the field and maybe closest to the barn. She says she’s coming to get him.

She meets him in the field and takes his arm. He says he’s so thirsty. She finds the cooler and gives him a beer. They clink glasses and say “cheers.” He asks if she’s had breakfast yet. She gestures to the bottle and says, “just this.” He says they’ll get something.

After lunch, she says she’ll drive and tucks her beer under the seat. He tells her not to go so fast. She says it’s a dirt road. A deer shoots out onto the road and they both scream as it hits the hood. Smoke rises out of the hood. She groans and says they’ll have to call road service. He says they can’t call the police just yet. She says her insurance is going to want a report, though. He says he thinks he has some water in his truck and it’ll let them sober up. She says that works as she digs through her purse for her insurance.

Director: Cody Villalobos Year: 2020

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