Video Review: Nivea & Pusha T “Run Away (I Wanna Be With U)”

An animated Nivea sits on a bench near the curb. She looks over both her shoulders and gets into the violet sports car. Picking up the phone, she smiles as she talks to her friend. She turns left and heads to the mall. Inside the mall, she sits on the edge of the fountain. Her friend waits for her to pull at the entrance. Her friend waves to her and sits next to her in the car.

Stopping at the traffic light, she and her friend see Pusha T in the left lane. Pusha T raps on the sidewalk of his house while his friend spins a record on the turntable. Two friends bob their heads as they listen to the music. Nivea parks her car and walks to Pusha T’s house. Two guys check them out as they pass by.

She stands in the family room of her house. Pusha T drives to the diner. Nivea parks next to him.

She, Pusha T and several people dance against a royal blue background. Her friend taps her on the shoulder. Nivea narrows her eyes while Pusha T strokes a young woman’s cheek. She confronts him and he screams. He begs at her feet. However, she walks away from him. A young man waves to her as he leans against his car while at the diner. She smiles at the young man as she speeds down the road.

Rating: 5/5

Nivea “oohs” at her friend’s new blouse. She says she tried it on and it looked great on her. Although the price was a bit higher, she figured she might as well get it. Nivea says she hasn’t heard from Pusha T all day. Her friend says he might be working. Nivea shakes her head and says today is usually his day off. She says she might be just creating drama. Her friend says they can just stop in to say hello. Nivea responds that it’s a good idea.

A young man stares at her and she becomes shy. Her friend remarks they were cute. Nivea says she sees them around. Sometimes Pusha T hangs out with them. She sees his DJ friend and asks if he’s home. His friend say he went to get something to eat at the diner. She says thanks and tells her friend they are having an early dinner.

At the diner, her friend scoffs and tells Nivea to look. Nivea says she’s going to take care of it. The young woman tells Pusha T someone wants to talk to him. Pusha T says the young woman is just a friend and that it’s nothing. She tells him “yeah right.” He cries, asking her to forgive him. As she walks back to her car, the young man wants to know if everything was all right. She shrugs and says that it was some drama but she got it figured out. He asks her if she wants to hang out. She says she’d like to talk to him more. He says he knows of a great spot. She says to give her directions and they’ll go.

Director: NA/A Year: 2001

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