Video Review: Jon Bon Jovi “Blaze of Glory”

A car sits on top of the The Rectory in Moab, Utah. Jon Bon Jovi taps his foot as he plays guitar near his car. Pulling his hair back, he stares into the distance while on the mountain. In silhouette, he stands by the concession stand. A movie screen on the summit.

He plays his guitar while the movie screen shows clips from the 1990 film, Young Guns II. Billy The Kid (Emilio Estevez) reads the newspaper in his home. On his horse, Billy The Kid waves goodbye to his his friend, Jane Greathouse (Jenny Wright). Jose Chavez y Chavez cringes as he rides his horse over the cliff. Billy The Kid and his friends arrive into town on their horses.  Pat Garrett (William Petersen) hesitates as he walks in town.

At night, lightning strikes in the sky while he continues to play the guitar.

In clips from the film, Billy The Kid watches as his friend, Doc Scurlock (Kiefer Sutherland) gets carried away. Scurlock slides onto the ground, his wrist tied, while a horse walks.

Bon Jovi hugs his guitar and leans against his car.

In clips from the film, Chavez y Chavez turns to Billy The Kid, who shakes his head. The saloon burns.

The movie screen burns on the mountain.

In a clip from the film, a drawing of Billy The Kid burns.

Bon Jovi watches as the movie screen burns.

Rating: 5/5

Jon Bov Jovi picks up his guitar and puts in its case. He drinks water in his canteen and climbs down the mountain. The sun beats on his bare chest and he stops at river to wash the grime off his face. He had forgotten what day it was. Looking over his shoulder, he squints as he sees the wind blow the sand.

Leaving the keys in the car, he walks to the camping area. He bites into some snacks he scrounged from the concession stand. Billy The Kid, as he had watched in the movie, became a role model to him. He stuck to his principles and fought for them. Bon Jovi wasn’t going to turn himself into the police. He was going to let them find him, if they could.

He missed his family. However, he was doing what was best for them. Everything was for them. Back home, he knew they were being taken care of by his friends. He thinks of the young woman he loved. She wouldn’t be able to survive his life. People knew she was his weakness. He didn’t tell her he left. It was for the best. Staying with could risk her life. However, he hopes she had found someone who was able to love and protect her. Laying his jacket on the ground, he falls asleep, staring at the stars. It was another day he got to live.

Director: N/A Year: 1990

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