Video Review: Summer Walker “Girls Need Love”

A group of young women, some wearing tube tops and jeans, roller skate around the rink at Cascade. Summer Walker leans against the wall of the bathroom as a young woman takes a selfie across from her. A second young woman, wearing rainbow legwarmers, shorts and a t-shirt, sits on the floor, typing on her phone.

Three young women slide on the rink. A third young woman spins. Walker takes a photo with a friend in the bathroom. Walker laughs as her friend shakes her butt while she roller skates. As she skates, she fixes her ponytail. She and her friends laugh as they fall on floor. Walker holds her friend’s hand as they skate.

At night, she sits in the passenger seat while in her friend’s car. A second friend stretches her legs on the backseat. She and her friends roller skate on the sidewalk. Back in the car, she sits in the backseat with her friend.

Rating: 5/5

A young woman asks Summer Walker if she’s in line in the bathroom stall. She shakes her head “no” and stares at the tile. One of her best girl friends had kissed the guy she had been talking to. Walker had asked her why she went after him when she knew. Her friend shrugged and said she wasn’t doing anything about it and it was fair game. Walker had walked out of school and skipped the rest of the day. They had been friends since elementary school. Her friend had stood up for her when some kids were making fun of her hair. They had promised they wouldn’t let a guy come between them.

Two of her best friends had texted her and asked where she was. She explained their mutual friend was going out with the guy she liked. They remarked they had seen it and confronted her in the bathroom. They said she denied everything. Walker says she thought she was her best friend. Her friends respond they thought so, too. One of her friends suggest they go to Cascade. Walker says she hasn’t gone roller skating since middle school.

While in the bathroom, a young woman tells her she heard about her former best friend did and she’s on her side. Walker grins and says it still hurts. The young woman asks her to take a picture and says she’s invited to a party to her over the weekend. She mentions a lot the young women at school support her and her former best friend has alienated everyone from her.

Director: Lacey Duke Year: 2018

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