Video Review: Bill Medley & Jennifer Warnes “(I’ve Had) The Time of My Life”

Bill Medley sings in a dance studio. A class performs its routine. In a clip from the 1987 film, Dirty Dancing, Baby (Jennifer Grey) watches as Johnny (Patrick Swayze) arrives to the club.

In black-and-white, Jennifer Warnes sings in the studio. She and Medley sing to one another. In a clip, Johnny dances with Penny (Cynthia Rhodes) at the resort. It rotates back to color as Warnes and Medley sing. In a clip, Johnny gestures for Baby to dance with him. He teaches her how to move her hips. They dance with each other in the studio. Baby practices the steps and taps her feet in frustration. Baby and Johnny dance on a tree limb over the lake. He holds her in the lake as they practice lifts. He watches in the mirror as she changes in the car.

Continuing with clips from the film, Baby talks with Johnny at Penny’s dorm. Back in black-and-white, Warnes and Medley dance. In a clip, Baby kisses Johnny in bed. Johnny breaks the window of his car. Johnny beats up Robbie (Max Cantor). Johnny and Baby perform at the talent show. Baby and Johnny sleep together. They kiss at the talent show.

Rating: 3/5

Frances shuts off the lights in the dance studio. Johnny calls out that he got the keys. She walks to the door and kisses him. He locks the door and says he’s so tired. Frances says the dancers are almost there. Johnny says they still need a dress rehearsal. In the car, she tells him she talked to some of her investors and they are interested in the show. Johnny brakes hard. Frances giggles and says he’s still crazy. Johnny shakes his head as he smiles.

Johnny unties his shoes and says, “Baby, I’m going straight to bed tonight.” He tells her goodnight and kisses her. She says she’ll be there soon but she wants to put some laundry in the washer. He says it can wait until tomorrow. She closes the lid and says he’s right. Lying in bed, she says her father is feeling better and he should be returning from the hospital in a few days. Johnny holds her hand and says he’ll go over and help him.

Johnny holds onto Jake’s arm as he gets up. Jake says Frances has told him that the show is turning out well. Johnny says there are some kinks need to be worked out. Jake tells him that he knows he hasn’t been his favorite person but he’s glad he’s with his daughter. Johnny says he loves her a lot. Jake pats him on the shoulder and calls him a good man.

Marjorie spreads out her arms and hugs Johnny. She says it’s so good to see him and asks him how he’s doing. He says he’s been really busy with the studio. Marjorie says she can’t wait to see it and wants to get front row seats. Lisa says that Baby’s been teaching her some moves. Johnny clears her throat. Lisa says sorry and asks if Frances is going to come over later. He says she’s in a meeting with investors and trying to set up funding. He says their studio may become a professional company. Lisa exclaims that’s wonderful. Johnny says it’s still in the process. Jake assures him the investors will come through. He talked up their company and the world needs more art. Johnny says he hopes the investors believe that. Lisa says she wants to attend their first fundraising gala in a tulle gown and talk with the distinguished businessmen of the area. Jake tells her one thing at a time.

Director: N/A Year: 1987

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