Video Review: Lil Mosey “Blueberry Faygo”

A group of female synchronized swimmers swim towards the center of the pool. Lil Mosey shows his necklace while his dances by the pool with group of classmates. He watches as one of his friends does a cannonball in the pool.  A young woman dances in a kitchen. The female synchronized swimmers perform their routine.

He sits in a chair while two young women hold a tube. While underneath blue balloons, he raises his arms and dances in place. While inside a glass box, he dances. He stands on the balcony of his home. A young man dances in his bedroom.

A group of young women hold onto him as he zaps the mascot. The mascot falls into the pool and transforms into Lil Mosey. A young woman shakes her butt by him as he swims by her. Back at the pool, he dances on the patio while money flies in the air.

A second young woman shakes her butt while she leans against the wall while he stands by her. The female synchronized female swimmers stand in a line. He dances by the second young woman. Back on the patio, one of his friends plays with Super Soaker.

As he swims in the pool, he smiles and gives the middle finger.

Rating: 2/5

Lil Mosey lays the pool and watches as his crush adjusts her bikini strap. She was gorgeous. He waves to her. She waves back at him and gestures for him to come into the pool. He jumps in, splashing her. She calls him a jerk and puts her arms around him. He asks her about her classes. She says she knows she failed her one test. He says he can help her study. She laughs and says during their last study session, they binged on a show on a streaming channel. He says but she had fun, though. She nods and says yes. He says she can always come over, whenever she wants.

Stepping out of the pool, he sees one of his friends with the Super Soaker. He taps his crush on the shoulder and says they go into his house and find his other Super Soaker. He holds her hand as they run into his house. She searches in the cabinet. He tells her it’s in his room. She follows him upstairs. He opens the door to his closet and pretends to squirt her. She holds up her hands and chuckles after she realizes there isn’t any water in it. He tells her he as small squirt gun in his drawer.

They fill up in the sink and as they head outside, she kisses him on the cheek. He grins and asks her if she’s ready. She points her squirt gun and says she’s waiting for his cue. He counts down to three as they stand on the patio and aim towards their friends.

Director: Cole Bennett Year: 2020

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