Video Review: Hi-Five “I Like The Way (The Kissing Game)”

As a keyhole spins, Tony, Roderick, Marcus, Toriano and Russell dance against a white background. A miniature Ferris wheel turns next to them. Tony sings into a microphone hanging from the wall in a darkened room.

A young woman sits on the vanity in the dressing room and puts on eyeshadow. She blows a kiss as she dances on stage. Back in the dressing room, a second young woman smiles at the camera. A tube of lipstick falls into a glass of water.

A third young woman spins on a rope on the ceiling. A fourth young woman kisses Tony. A fifth young woman dances by a plastic lip sculpture. Against a half-black, half-white background, a juggler tosses flaming batons. Through the keyhole, a sixth young woman swings.

Rating: 3/5

Tony gives his girlfriend a kiss on the cheek as they walk to the carnival. She blushes and says she wants to ride the Ferris wheel first. He says they can do that. As they wait in line, he rubs her back. As the Ferris Wheel turns during their turn, he kisses her on the lips. She puts her hand on her mouth and says she wants to go somewhere private.

She finds a tent and they make out. He says he loves to kiss her. He could do it all day. She says she wants to go on other some rides first. He holds her hand as they go the Zipper. While she screams on the ride, he squeezes her hand. She stumbles as they walk away. He asks her if she needs to take a break. She says yes. He says he’ll get her some water. She sits on the ground and says she doesn’t feel good. He sits with her as she groans. She vomits in the corner. He tells her she still looks pretty. She dabs her mouth with a tissue and asks for some more water. He says he’ll be right back with it.

During the ride home, he asks her if she’s okay. She says she feels better. He tells her he loves her. She pats his hand and says she loves him, too. He helps her to get inside. Her mom asks what happened. He says they went on a ride and it upset her stomach. His girlfriend says she’s going to lay down. Her mom says she’ll get some ginger ale. He looks at her walking upstairs and tells her parents goodbye.

Director: N/A Year: 1991

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