Video Review: Lennon Stella & Charlie Puth “Summer Feelings”

On an animated rose pink beach, people rest on blankets with umbrellas covering them. A wave crashes to the shore.

Charlie Puth, Lennon Stella and their dog drive in a van to the beach. Stella dances in her seat while their dog hangs its head out the window. They watch the sky as the stand on the beach. Seagulls fly in the air. In a quadruple screen, one square has palm trees (top left), a beach ball (top right), the van (bottom left) and the umbrellas (bottom right).

Puth puts the boombox on the blanket. He watches her sing on his phone. The dog puts its face against hers. In a split screen, she waves against an aqua background. Puth sits cross-legged against a banana yellow background. It rotates.  Palm trees fill the screen. It become a quadruple screen.

In the evening, Puth sits on top of the van and listens to music on the boombox. They see a tattoo parlor. Their dog sits in the center while they sit in the chairs. The tattoo artists cover their bodies. Puth sits cross-legged with two yellow silhouettes of himself next to him against a mauve background. Back on the beach, they watch a shooting star in the sky.

They see a sign for the “Amazing Freak Show.” A young woman, dubbed the awesome sword swallower, holds a sword halfway in her mouth. A thirtysomething man, called the amazing bearded man, grows his beard with his thoughts. A half-human, half-dog, called the weird human dog, dances.

The bearded man, Stella. Puth and several other people dance on a stage with a Summer Feelings neon sign.

Rating: 4.5/5

The dog nudges Lennon Stella’s arm. She rubs its chin as it stands in the center. The dog licks Charlie Puth’s face. They both laugh. Stella wipes his cheek with a cloth and then turns up the radio. She says she loves the song. Puth puts a hand over his face and grins, saying he doesn’t know her. She scoffs and says he thinks it’s adorable.

Puth parks in the lot and remarks the beach is packed. Stella attaches the leash to the dog and tells him to come on. They take out the cooler and umbrella. She adjusts the umbrella to cover their dog. Puth puts a bowl of water by him. They eat fried chicken and potato salad. She says she’s going to take their dog for a walk and have him go the bathroom. He says he’s going to put the cooler back.

She spots a tattoo parlor and says she’s always wanted a butterfly but was too scared. He tells her it’s nothing. She pets the dog while the tattoo artist draws on her arm. Puth leans over and says it looks good. She comments that it hurts. He tells her it’ll go away.

On the way home, he glances over at Stella and watches her sleep. Their dog cuddles by her. He puts his finger to his lips and tells the dog to stay quiet. The dog barks. She wakes up and asks where they are. He says they have about 20 minutes left. She says it was a good day, as she holds his hand. He says he enjoyed it, too. The dog puts his paws over their hands.

Director: N/A Year: 2020

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