Video Review: Avril Lavigne “When You’re Gone”

A thirtysomething woman holds the hands of her husband, a solider on their doorstep. Avril Lavigne plays the piano in her home. A teen couple cuddle by a log in the forest. A seventysomething man runs his hand along his bed. The thirtysomething woman watches as her husband walks on the sidewalk with his suitcase. He walks onto a bus with his fellow soldiers. The thirtysomething woman rubs her bump.

The teen couple kiss. The young woman’s mother calls out for them to stop and takes her daughter by the arm. Lavigne dances in the forest. The young woman looks out the back window of the car as her mother drives her home. The seventysomething man picks up a frame photo of him with his late wife on their wedding day. He turns on the light and rubs a dress of hers over his face.

The thirtysomething woman watches the news and cries. She checks her cell phone and it reads “no messages.” The young woman’s mother pushes her daughter into her bedroom. The young woman looks at her photos of her with her boyfriend as she sits on the bed.

The walls crack in Lavigne’s home. She raises her arms as the light shines through the holes. The people’s homes fall flat. The seventysomething man visits his wife’s grave. He pours a glass of champagne for both of them.  The young woman goes back to the log. The thirtysomething woman listens to the commander speak. She opens her phone and sees a message from her husband, “I’m okay. I miss u.” She smiles.

Rating: 3/5

The young woman combs through her mother’s closet for her phone. The beeping was getting higher the closer she got her to her mom’s shoes. She tosses a pair of high heels and finds it inside one. Taking her hands, she digs through her mom’s pockets for her charger. She opens the drawers and finds it with her socks.

She plugs into the wall and waits for it to charge. Her father walks in and reminds her that she’s grounded. She tells him he can’t stop her from growing up. They weren’t doing anything wrong. He responds that they worry about her getting pregnant. She shakes her head and says it’s an excuse. He says he’ll understand once she has a child of her own. She says he’s a good guy and they are being controlling. He sighs and says he’ll talk to her mom.

Her older sister walks in and says she’ll cover for her. She gives her a hug and says she’s responding to his texts. Her sister offers to talk to them and says she likes her boyfriend. She asks her sister how she was able to get away with sneaking out. Her sister says she just stopped listening them and did what she wanted. She fought them with a lot but they eventually backed down. The young woman says he’s inviting her to a party. Her older sister tells her have fun and text her once she’s ready to come home.

Director: Marc Klasfeld Year: 2007

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