Video Review: NAV, Gunna & Travis Scott “Turks”

On the Turks and Caicos islands, A young woman sits in a Jeep at a gas station. NAV exits the store and gets into the car with her. He gestures for her to go.  A group of young women wave flags on a military base. They stand at attention, holding their guns, while NAV bends down and lights a cigarette in the center.

A helicopter flies over the base while the young women dance. NAV shoots a gun as he sits on a beach chair. The young women dance on the balconies of the barracks. Gunna drives around the Jeep at night. Scott raps by the barracks. Charcoal smoke explosions behind the barracks. Some young women sit with Gunna in the corner and fan him with money.

A group of young women dance by a tank with a YSL flag attached to it. Scott raps on top of tank. A young woman opens a wooden box with a single bottle of Noir Blanc champagne in it. NAV drives the Jeep at night with Scott and Gunna.

Rating: 5/5

NAV tells the young women that they are practicing scouting a location. He says they have been given the coordinates and that Gunna is going to brief them. Gunna lets them know what they searching for and advises them they have two hours to complete it. Scott tells him he’ll talk with him in class afterwards.

The young women separate into groups and get in the Jeeps. Scott says he thinks the first group is going to complete the task first. Gunna thinks they’ll complete it but it won’t be correct. NAV says he thinks both groups are going to pass. It’s one of his better group of recruits.

NAV sits in his office and talks with one of the recruits. She says she isn’t sure she can do it. NAV tells her she’s doing well in the exercises and may need to find her niche still. She tells him it’s as though she’s making too many mistakes. He says Scott is tough on everyone. However, she’s one of the best in class. He’s trying to challenge her. She nods and says it was good to talk to him. She’s going to think about it.

Scott frowns as NAV tells him about the discussion with one of the recruits. NAV says he has being too hard on them. Scott says he believes in the young woman. NAV tells him to leave it at believe. Scott salutes him and says he’ll remember it for his next class.

Directors: Amir “Cash” Esmailian & Zac Facts Year: 2020

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