Video Review: Daði Freyr “Think About Things”

A 10-year-old girl plays the recorder for her family. Her grandma smiles while her parents, cousins, aunt and uncle clap for her. A thirtysomething man introduces Daði Freyr. Freyr walks into the family room with his friends. He winks at his grandma. His father snores in the chair as he sings.

Lights flash in the room as he and his friends dance. They shake their butts and his aunt and brother cover the children’s eyes. His father wakes up.

He and his friends dance on a lavender-lit stage. Confetti flies on the stage and into the family room. His family clap tentatively for him.

Rating: 2/5

Daði Freyr explains to his family he and his friends are available for bookings. He points to his cousin, the 10-year-old girl and says “you have a birthday coming up, right!” She asks her mom if he and his friends can play. Her mom says they’ll consider it. Freyr says he really appreciates it and that it get them some exposure.

He bites into the sandwich. The chicken salad falls from his chin and onto his sweater. The blue-haired young woman says she’ll clean it off for him. His mother says he can take care of it himself. The young woman smiles and places her hands on her lap. His father suggests it’s time for them to leave. Freyr offers them to have some cake before they leave. His brother sighs, muttering to him that the leftovers were for family only. Fryer says his friend put in a lot of work. His brother says he has to decide what’s important.

Freyr sits in his room and types on his laptop. The blue-haired young woman messages him and says she may have a gig for them. He asks where. She says it’s for a friend of hers. The party is on Friday. He says he’s going to tell his parents. Freyr walks into the family room and says his band finally got a paying job on Friday. His father tells him he can’t go. He has chores to do. Freyr pouts and says he’ll have all weekend. His father says those are the rules. Freyr says he’ll do them Thursday night instead. His mother says that’s fine. However, he is to concentrate on getting a job over the weekend. He says he has put in some applications and waiting to hear something.

Freyr runs upstairs and types back to the blue-haired young woman that he can go. The blue-haired young woman says that they have start rehearsals tomorrow. She has written some songs. He says they just need to keep getting gigs and his parents will take him seriously. She responds that his cousins enjoyed it. He types a laughing emoji and tells her that they are building their audience.

Director: N/A Year: 2020

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