Video Review: Ashley McBryde “One Night Standards”

A fiftysomething man cleans up the glass in the parking lot of the motel. Ashley McBryde takes a key and hands it to a thirtysomething man as she works behind the desk of the Drake Motel in Nashville, Tennessee.

A second thirtysomething man hangs onto the wall as he walks with a twentysomething young woman to their room at night. A second twentysomething woman closes the door under teal lights and enters the front door. McBryde plays the guitar along the wall. The second twentysomething woman signs the book and McBryde gives her the key. She glances towards the car and sees a familiar fiftysomething man inside. After the second twentysomething woman closes the door, McBryde dials one of her friends and tells her, “it’s you’re dad. He’s about to make a mistake.”

Her friend walks to her desk and asks for the key. She smacks the table with her hands as McBryde explained what she saw. She gives the her key and says “shit” as her friend walks out the door. Her friend stares at her dad’s motel door. Carrying a shovel, she opens the door. Her father quickly sits up in bed while she yells at the second twentysomething woman. Her father runs off in the parking, putting on his clothes.

McBryde looks up from her phone to see her friend’s father running past the door. Walking to the door, she sees her friend drag the second twentysomething’s woman body to her car. She closes the book and turns on the “no vacancy” sign. Holding the book, she helps her friend shove the body in the truck and gets in the car with her.

Rating: 2.5/5

Ashley McBryde tells her friend she needs to take a breath. Her friend tells her to push through it and says it’s going to be sunrise soon. She looks over at the river and grabs the second twentysomething’s arms. Her friend grunts as she lifts the body. McBryde turns away the second twentysomething woman’s open eyes. Her friend taps her bloody hand on her arm as she watches the second twentysomething woman sink into the river.

McBryde thinks of the second twentysomething woman as folds her laundry. She shouldn’t have called her friend. While she knew her friend was upset about her father cheating, she didn’t realize it would end in murder. The second twentysomething woman had a life, parents and friends. But her friend needed her.

She scrolls her social media and sees a post from the second twentysomething’s mother. Her mother says they really miss her and to contact them with any information. They’re worried and want her home. She puts her phone down and leans against the counter in the kitchen.

Director: Reid Long Year: 2019

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