Video Review: Midnight Star “Operator”

A phone lies on Belinda’s bed as she turns. On the television, the alien asks “won’t someone hang up the phone?”

A fortysomething woman grimaces as she disconnects the call at the phone company. Three young women dance while their co-workers answer calls.

By an oversized rotary phone, Reginald, Melvin, Vincent, Bo, Bobby, Kenneth and Belinda perform. Reginald talks into a large phone. Belinda talks on the phone while in bed. A young man hangs up the phone in the phone booth. Vincent dances while red, green and yellow lights swirl behind him. Two young women exchange phones while they work and listen in on the call.

The group looks up at the phone company’s building and walk into the call center. They return back to dancing on stage.

Rating: 3/5

Belinda dials the operator and asks for the time. The young woman on the line says it’s 4:30 p.m. She fixes her clock on the wall and goes back to sleep. Around 2 a.m., she wakes up from her dream and stares at her phone. She wants to call her crush. She knows she shouldn’t do it. However, it would make her feel better. She picks up the phone and nods off. The dial tone beeps while it’s off the hook.

She rolls over in bed as she gets up and realizes her phone isn’t working. Getting her coat, she digs for some change in her purse and gets in her car. She turns right and looks for the phone booth. Putting the change in the phone, she reports that her home phone isn’t working. They ask for her information and say they will send someone to her home.

The young man knocks on her door and says he’s from the telephone company. He says he’s going to check her line. She glances outside as she dusts her family room while he hangs a line. He returns back to the house and makes a call. He tells her she can now make phone calls again.

Her phone rings after he leaves. It’s her crush, asking her what happened. She explains her phone just stopped working all of sudden. He says he was wondering if something happened and glad she’s okay. She tells him things are better now.

Director: N/A Year: 1984

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