Video Review: KSI, Swarmz & Tion Wayne “Houdini”

While sparkles fall against a royal blue background, KSI, Swarmz, Tion Wayne and a young woman lean against a sports car. Against a candy red background, Swarmz raps as he sits inside the car.

KSI swipes right and left on a baby blue screen. He stretches a video of him rapping. Sitting on a chair against a black background, he puts his hand on his chin while he raps. He stretches the baby blue screen to show Wayne.

KSI, Wayne and Swarmz dance in a warehouse while light flashes over them. The young woman pulls her coat to her body and looks down as she stands against a black background. Lit in royal blue, a second young woman stands by the sports car. KSI grins as he creates another screen.

Rating: 2.5/5

KSI taps the screen on his phone and sends a response to the young woman. He puts his hand over his face. There was no disappearing now. She had invited him to dinner with her parents. He looks in his closet for a suit. It seemed to be appropriate. Back in high school, the parents usually knew him and he could wear jeans if he wanted. However, he had to be professional. He sends her a picture of the suit.

She texts back that he can wear a nice pair of pants and a shirt. It’s nothing fancy. He sighs with relief. Although he’d have to go to the store to buy a pair of pants. He gave away the khakis years ago. She texts him not to stress about it. He texts back that he’s okay with it.

He knees shake and bump the table while he eats with her parents. Her parents look up and see if anything dropped on the floor. The dog barks. He apologizes it and says it was him. His mom nods while her father continues to eat his pot roast. KSI clears his throat and tells her mom it’s a wonderful dinner. She says “thank you” and asks him his favorite meal. He responds macaroni and cheese. Her mom bites her lip. Her father it has to be homemade and not from a box. KSI says he likes his with oxtail sauce. His mom says he’ll have to make them a dish. The young woman says it’s wonderful. She ate their leftovers in one sitting.

While they walk around his neighborhood, she says that he impressed her parents. They invited him to their Christmas party. KSI says that’s three months away. She pats him on the arm and says he’ll love her extended family. Her aunt says whatever she wants and it’s hilarious. KSI nods and tells her he’ll be there. However, as he holds her hand, he thinks of a second young woman who has been texting him. It’s been difficult to keep telling her he wasn’t interested.

Director: Kaylum Year: 2020

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