Video Review: Yaki-Da “I Saw You Dancing”

A young man walks across a brandeis blue beach. He picks up a medallion in the ocean. A second young man plays the clarinet while a third young man walks with his horse. Linda and Marie watch the two flamethrowers juggle. They stare at the young man as he dances.

Late at night, they hang out by the lighthouse. Linda places her hand on the window. She stands by the light as it turns. While two sheets fly above them, they walk in the ocean. The young man walks into a tent and gives the medallion to the fortune teller. Her eyes become wide as she reveals the skeleton card.

In the morning, Linda and Marie walk in the ocean. The young man gazes at them.

Rating: 3.5/5

The young man falls into the Linda’s arms. Linda splashes water on his face and pleads with him to wake up. He opens his eyes and reaches for her cheek. She smiles at him and tells him he’s okay. He says he was afraid it was the end. Marie strokes his hair and says they were there. He explains that the fortune teller told him his death would be soon. Linda says he has them now and they’ll take care of them.

Marie says they saw him at the party last night. He touches his neck and says he was there to talk about a medallion he found in the ocean. The fortune teller had been alarmed by it. Marie says the fortune teller was attempting to scam him. He stares at the sand and says they must’ve left before daybreak. He had been sleeping by the dune when the heat of the sun woke him up. They offer him some water. He drinks the full container. Linda says they should take him to the emergency room, though. The heat could be affecting him. The young man says it’s passed.

They watch as he disappears from view. Linda says he seems like he was a mirage. Marie exclaims “ow!” and bends down. Marie picks up the medallion. She says they must the young man. He knows the story of it. Linda says she believes he gave it to them. He wants the history to be known about it. Marie says she’ll sketch it and go the library on Monday. Linda touches it and says it’s a beautiful piece. Marie says they have to be careful with it.  The young man trusted them with it. Linda says it’s up to them to find the meaning in it.

Director: N/A Year: 1994

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